Whole 30 – Week 4 – Two More Days

Whole 30 – 2 MORE DAYS…
Menu for week 3:

Southwestern Chicken Vegetable Soup
Surf and Turf Grilled shrimp and steak, asparagus, butternut squash cubes

Sesame tuna salad with avocado, pineapple and Thai vinaigrette
Beef pot roast with mashed cauliflower and sautéed kale

Portobello pizza with turkey meatballs
Beef spaghetti squash bake

Turkey boat zucchini boats
Cabbage rolled enchiladas with queso and green beans

Beef and butternut chili
Salmon fajita wraps


We are at the finish line people. 30 days complete in 2 days. I can’t wait to hear results and share with you our struggles, focus areas, thoughts, and journey.

Me: Week 4 was good. Real good. I feel like I am coasting now. I have so much to say about a detox. Your body truly does not cleanse for at least 3 weeks. I will say it takes a solid 3 weeks to get right. Your emotions are crazy, your hunger is still in the form of nonsense eating, habit, and learning what you can and can not tolerate. Everyone should complete at least one. You have never felt so good about yourself. The wine craving that I have been so affixed to…has past. It took a while. Don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy a glass Thursday night, Ladies Night with my girls at The Levee. Sip and Savor is my moto with that.
Phyllis: 2 more days left and feeling great! My menopausal symptoms are barely noticeable. I feel very clean and healthy. I’m very excited to weigh on Wednesday morning and I’m going to have my cholesterol checked to compare with my January results! I will definitely keep on the whole 30/paleo path in the weeks and hopefully months to come!

Darcy: Wowsa! We are close to the end. This has been a very challenging whole30 for me but also a really good one. Honestly it feels so good knowing you have the ability to call the shots – and your body/hunger/cravings don’t always have to win. Taking care of your body is your choice! It can be done but requires discipline and good choices time after time. This week I had more energy that I had been having and get better overall. Excited to weigh and measure again and see how my body responded.
Linda: So, we are down to the last couple days, still feeling good. I’m curious to find out everyone’s results. One thing I would like to do is to keep going and make even more progress, keep eating clean, and keep these results going! I’ve enjoyed not having to cook much so now I’ll have to make an effort to cook more and make sure I stay away from junk!

Pam: This whole week has been pretty leveled out in many ways. I do not find myself hungry until it is meal time, and often after that before I realize that I need to eat. Snacking is almost gone completely, other than some this weekend, but only because of an event I attended where everyone was eating candy & chips – I brought a couple Lara Bars and mixed nuts.  My energy level has been good, and only dealt with a craving one time that sticks out in my mind. However, on the subject of cravings, I have spent quite a bit of time this week thinking about what happens on Wednesday when this challenge is over. I have much to think about…..WOW, 2 more days!!

Mark: Week 4 done. Ready for a drink.

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