Whole 30- Week 2

Whole 30 – Week 2

In the books…

Our menu for the week


Mixed green salad with Chicken salad and balsamic vinaigrette

Beef taco cauliflower bowl with plantain chips, guac, and salsa


Turkey burger, roasted potatoes, squash and zucchini

Chicken curried veggies over spaghetti squash


Shrimp burger, butternut squash mash, asparagus

Turkey meat sauce over spaghetti squash


Chicken kabobs over roasted cabbage

Chili rubbed pork, butternut squash cubes, sautéed kale


Beef egg roll in a bowl

Grilled salmon, asparagus, broccoli

I failed to take pics of all the meals… I must have been starving when I ate them.

Week 3, we had some life experiences thrown at some of us…  This is what we call LIFE.  The unexpected events that are out of your control.  This is what W30 and any other nutrition regimen is all about, how to keep going when things go “wrong”!   Check the video on my FaceBook page to have clarity of this.


This week was much better.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were strong workouts, energy levels up, slept well, no cravings, all things going as planned, except still very bloated and gassy…and then that damn Thursday hit!  This is when the wine craving came back.  I am just thankful I don’t have any around.  You kind of start reasoning with yourself like, what is 2oz?   CRAZY!  Friday, we did a “pop-up” shop with our cookies at Good People Kitchen.  Jenn Peach and I were busy with cookies but really wanting that glass of Pinot Noir.  I must remind myself that a craving last about 3 minutes.  Once you can get through that, you are sailing free.  I definitely feel much better and so ready for the 3rd week.  Come on Tiger Blood, HIT ME!



Workouts and runs have been better this week. Ready for week 3.



This week has been a little easier for me. My schedule hasn’t been quite as busy (at least during the week). I’ve felt ok energy wise especially early in the day but afternoons have been a little bit of a struggle. Haven’t been having afternoon coffee – in fact only been having one cup a day – that’s miraculous. This weekend I have my almost 4-year-old former foster daughter and that’s been tough. It’s crazy how hard it is not to have a bit of her cereal, or a few of her fries – but I did survive (and had a blast with her)!! I will say a few things I have noticed – I haven’t had one bit of acid reflux since being on Whole30. And I can tell I’ve been losing some weight just by my clothes – which always makes a girl feel good. Looking forward to tackling week three.



I seem to be keeping a dull headache, but not sure it is all related to the meal plan any longer, or sugar withdrawal.  Work has been crazy busy (day & night), so may be related to stress.  Still hangry at times, but even that has been a bit better this week.  Energy level about the same.  Did attend a social event that had food I could not eat and alcohol, and I survived.  Pam brought lunch for us, and I just didn’t drink.  Hoping for better next week.



On Mon afternoon I realized that I was not as tired as I had been finding myself (thank goodness).  Then Tues brought stress again over my daughter still feeling very poorly, so by the end of the day I was very drained, but believe it was more emotional and not so much “diet” related.  Wednesday and Thursday were rather “blah” days, once again feeling like I had been prior to starting the program (i.e. not a lot of energy, and frankly, hungry again).  I also note that I cannot get away from my 4:30ish snack.  By that time of the afternoon I am famished!!!  The want for alcohol was not there until Wednesday, and both Wed & Thurs was a mental fight.  Fri, however, seem to bring a pep in my step and no cravings.  On Sat Mark & I attended a social event that began at noon with a meal (NOTHING WE COULD EAT) & alcohol.  I brought our lunch and I had no problem abstaining from the alcohol.  In fact, it did not bother me at all. – PROGRESS FOR ME!!!  Now, if I could just keep from getting up to pee 2-3 x a night L  LOL – bring on week 3!!



I think week 2 was harder than week 1 for me! The ‘newness’ wore off and 30 days seemed like a really long time! I was grouchy, sluggish, and my runs & workouts were awful. I did feel good though, if that makes sense. My body felt clean. This weekend was much better, and I’ve realized by trial & error that I have to eat more in the evening when I have a run/workout the next morning. I’m hoping that will help.  I’m looking forward to week 3!


well this was a crazy week and I felt overwhelmed most of it. But, I just dug deep and kept moving! my cravings were less this week and I felt a sense of clarity and that I got some things accomplished by the end of the week. Thankful for the meals and that I didn’t have to think too much about what I was eating. I really tried to focus on my water intake and getting the gallon of water a day. I find that I actually eat less while I am at work because I am so busy I rarely have the time to sit down and eat. Which can be a good thing and a bad one too. I worked straight through on Tuesday from about 9am -9pm and I really had to make a point to eat. I think that is sometimes my problem is that I will go for long periods of time without eating and instead drink coffee or have a smoothie and don’t actually eat meals. Overall, I am glad this week is over and ready to tackle the next week and try to avoid the pitfalls that life throws at me.











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