W30- Week 1

Week 1: MEALS

Beef and Butternut squash chili with sliced avocado
Garlic Chicken, cinnamon roasted butternut squash, asparagus

Shrimp patty over a cobb salad with cilantro and avocado aioli
Beef Pot Roast, mashed cauliflower, and roasted cabbage (my Favorite meal)

Turkey lasagna with butternut and eggplant noodles
Beef meatloaf, spaghetti squash, ratatouille

Pulled pork and sautéed kale stuffed potato
Rosemary Shrimp Skewers over cauliflower rice

Beef Fajita lettuce wraps
Grilled Pork Chop, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans

And this is our feelings on the week…


Feeling good, ready for week 2.

Phyllis Guillory:

Week 1 is in the books and I survived. The food from GPK was absolutely delicious. It made the evenings so much easier because I could come home and eat my dinner if I was starving, while cooking dinner for my family. I did have to snack a little each day. I would have usually just one of the following; cashew cookie larabar or a handful of approved mixed nuts and a few blueberries or blackberries, or a blueberry RX bar. The coffee was probably the hardest, but I have some nut pods now so I’m hoping that will help. I was very busy this weekend, so I didn’t miss my weekend cocktails too terribly bad. I probably struggled the most with my energy level. I felt very tired during my runs and workouts but hopefully that will improve. I also drank my 65 ounces of water each day, which kept me in the bathroom.  I’ve felt really good the last few days so I’m looking forward to week 2.


I was rocking Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday hit me like a freight train. I was bitchy, hungry, and tired. My workout sucked ass. All I could think about was a glass of wine. Day 5 of Whole 30. I somehow got through it and I didn’t kill anyone. Saturday and Sunday were a tad bit of a struggle on the wine said. I visited my college roommate and watched her have cocktail after cocktail, even fixed them for her. My thought was, remember you are the designated driver, no no no… Food was never the issue. Honestly, I knew the alcohol would be the biggest kicker. I did it. STRONG. The meals from GPK have been on point. That makes my life so much easier. I look forward to eating for sure.


W30 case study 1st week. Started our whole 30 on Monday. I prepared all the meals for our group, doing a lot of my prep on Sunday. This was really beneficial to me because I was able to put the meals together more easily through the week. Monday was good I felt a new sense of purpose. That I was going into rough waters but would be ready to tackle the challenge head on if I was prepared. I stayed on plan and really tried to get my water and food in. I felt full and satisfied throughout the day even though I worked straight through normal lunch hours.
Tuesday through Friday I stayed on track with food. Which gave me a sense of pride because I was focusing on me. Felt a little sluggish in the afternoon but just figured it was the detox from sugar. I stayed mindful of what I was putting in my mouth. I’m a grazer working in a kitchen environment so sometimes that is tough.
Friday night was my dress rehearsal for the lipsync battle. We arrived to the rehearsal and most people were having beer, wine, cocktails. It was Friday and it’s the norm around here that people relax with a drink. I brought my water with me did the rehearsal and resisted having a cocktail. I felt great that I had done it. It’s not really the alcohol that I miss but the social aspect of it. Also when you aren’t drinking people are always quick to ask why aren’t you drinking. Saturday was good, went grocery shopping got some food prepped and ate my meal before heading to the lipsync event. I had plans to stay sober, drink my lacroixs, perform and get home at a decent hour. Well I only got the drink lacroixs part right, and they had vodka in them😩 yep I drank a shot of vodka to give me a little shot of liquid courage before showtime. I felt incredibly guilty after I did it but the fear of the stage overcame me and I had succumbed to the alcohol. So that one shot ended up being 2-3 more vodkas with water and lime throughout the night. So first thing this morning I just got right back on the plan continued business as usual. Nothing to see here folks just a woman who is trying to do the damn thing but sometimes makes poor choices. So I’m recommitted to sticking with it!  I have my food plan on paper but didn’t want to re type it on here!


Mon was probably my best day all week, but it has been an anxiety/stress filled week as a result of a daughter in the hospital not doing well following giving birth to a premature baby. Tues & Wed were pretty non-eventful, other than a slight headache on Wed evening. Thurs I had a headache all day & was just WORN feeling. Fri was HORRIBLE!! Tired & foul ALL day!!! Sat was a little better, but remained tired all day. Today, Sun, has been ok. Still seem to be fighting a dull headache – I am guessing just withdrawals. Sure hope next week “feels” better.


As far as how I have felt, the beginning of the week I was hangry! I have been with a headache off and on since Wednesday evening. My head hurt earlier today, but this evening is better. Hoping for a better 2nd week.


To say the least, we have all faces challenges.

Week 2… Here we go!

Staying STRONG – Mitzi



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