w30 – DONE!!

Thank you! These 6 people listed under me are Rockstar’s. They said yes to a challenge I had no clue what was to bring. I just knew I wanted to do it. Proving a healthy lifestyle from different angles of people, lifestyles, physical levels, emotional needs, and mental toughness. People love groups and accountability. FIND A SUPPORTIVE FRIEND. These last 30 days have been a rollercoaster. There have been days I wanted to quit, days I felt like I could fly, days I wanted to go to bed at 5pm, days I had more energy than a 2 year old, days I wanted to cry, days I ran faster than I have in years and days I wanted to walk, days I slept like a baby and days I didn’t, days I wanted to hurt people and days I wanted to welcome everyone to my home… And then day 23 hit and it all leveled out. It was a magical moment. Cruise control is the best I can explain it. Your body finds it’s happy! All the toxins are gone. Your clarity has never been to vivid. There is then days 24-30, your cravings quit. The wine was like a thing of the past. I was ready to go to a restaurant without feeling like I wanted a fried green bean, or a French fry from my kids’ plate and water just seemed my norm. I liked it. It’s a place and feeling that gives you a sense of control of your body… Better yet… RESPECT!

6lbs. down 4 inches gone

We all weighed on the same scale before and after. Measurements were taken of chest, waist and hips.

For any of you out there wanting to do a W30, I will be glad to help. Do not hesitate to call me 318-792-9699. I will come speak to a group, inform, grocery shop, menu plan, or just simply support.

30 days is a long time! I was super glad that it was over today. Although I was not excited to have the final weigh in and measurements taken, I was glad that I had lost inches and weight. This journey was a winding one for me and I can’t say that I was %100 on my eating. A few times drinking when I shouldn’t have and a few slip ups later; I call them my whole 30 Weakends. I do feel good about where I’m at and have decided to continue on my journey to health and wellness. Can’t say I’m going to be sticking to the strict protocol that is the w30 but will definitely be paying more attention to the way food makes me feel and how my body reacts to different foods. Thanks to Mitzi and the rest of the crew for including me in this challenge.
9lbs down – 7.5 inches gone

So, we are officially done, now what? For me I’m going to try and continue eating clean. I like the results I’m seeing, and it just makes me feel so much better.
Shout out to Kate for the meals, I really liked the convenience, and to Mitzi for doing the study in the first place. And congrats to everyone for having a great 30 days!!

7lbs down – 5 inches gone

Best Whole 30 ever!!! It wasn’t easy but anything worth having doesn’t come easy! I feel cleaner, leaner, and healthier! I lost a total of 5.8 pounds and 3.5 inches! I have added back a bit of creamer to my morning coffee and an occasional glass of wine. I plan to continue eating as clean as possible. My sister, Linda and I will be meal prepping together on Sunday evenings to ensure that we are prepared for the week ahead!!! I know the foods that make me feel bad and plan to stay away from them. I would definitely recommend Whole 30 to anyone for a multitude of reasons! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Go for it! You won’t regret it!!!

6 lbs down – 4 inches gone

Well this most recent 30-day journey is complete. It was challenging but also one of my favorite Whole30’s to date. I think my favorite thing was the small group setting and the accountability. I think anytime you want to do something great – it’s good to get people to stand with you. It’s the same way for me with my workouts – knowing I have my crew waiting on me every day – motivates me and helps me get up and going each morning!! For me the group was that.

It was also wonderful having meals prepared – but also interesting because I ate food I’ve never eaten before. You see, for me I thought kale was a garnish on a nice dinner plate or maybe threw in a very berry smoothie – not something you actually ate. Y’all we ate a lot of kale these past 30 days! And I went to the bathroom a lot also. But I also tried some stuff that I really really liked – so the meals were such a blessing!

Overall, I felt so good being on the plan. I didn’t have one bit of acid reflux and didn’t have to take any Tums the whole time. My energy was good overall especially after the first few days. One of my favorite things about this time – is on day 31 – I ate the exact same at the previous 30 days. It’s amazing when you feel so good and just want to continue. I lost weight which of course was wonderful. My clothes fit better which is always wonderful but just feeling healthy and knowing I disciplined myself and made a commitment to take care of my body. I want to continue on with that. God gave us these bodies, and this is the only body we get – I want to take care of what God has given me – and live a long and strong life!

Thank you, Mitzi, for leading the way for all of us and for your constant encouragement

14lbs down – 3.5 inches

WOW!! This W30 experience has been so different from the other 2 I have participated in. And these few days following the W30 have been quite interesting as well (I truly believe for me a huge part of the entire learning process). The last week of the challenge I was so VERY ready for the challenge to be done. Then those last few days brought a change I was not expecting…. I was actually wondering what I would do following the challenge. I was enjoying the energy, I was pleased with losing some weight and a few inches. And then there were the reasons I chose to participate in the challenge in the first place that were beginning to weigh in on my thoughts, my alcohol, my cholesterol, my overall health…. what was I going to do?? Well, we are 5 days post-challenge and I have maintained my good food choices and exercise. I had a couple cocktails but chose to simply sip & stop and that was good. Then came the big true & huge lesson. We had a family cookout at the house this weekend and decided I was going to drink as was everyone else. Then the morning came!!! I knew! I remembered! The main reason for the challenge was to feel better and quit the heavy alcohol. Lesson learned: I so remember how badly I felt regularly and know I am NOT going back there. I am NOT putting my weight back on. NOPE!!! It is odd how we do not realize how bad we feel until we push ourselves to change and feel good!! While I feel this W30 experience was a rough struggle, I am so very thankful to have had the struggle and know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was worth it – every 30 days of it!!!

9lbs down – 5 inches gone

Wednesday night, yes, the very day after our challenge was over, I drank my J.D. and then went home and ate some banana pudding my good neighbor brought me and had a piece of pumpkin pie that had been brought to me a work that day. The challenge was over, and I was eating and drinking what I wanted! Yeah, well, Thursday morning I knew immediately that poor choices definitely bring poor results. I came in on Thursday evening just wanting to go to sleep so that day would be over. I know I want to continue eating more healthily and control my drink habit. I felt like a caged animal during the entire challenge, unable to socialize and participate in things I would have normally. But these few days since the challenge, (after suffering through Thursday) I am realizing that I can CHOOSE to eat healthy foods & control my drink and still socialize and participate in life. It is all about better choices.
16 lbs down

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