THIS Girl vs THAT Girl

Two completely different personalities in these pictures. Some (many) never get to see these 2 collide.

The Trainer – She programs to each as an individual. She modifies for injuries. She is your biggest cheerleader and she holds you accountable. She finishes that last set with you when you don’t think you can. She cares. She is more than your trainer. She is your friend. She treats everyone equal.

The Athlete – This girl… Some like her, some hate her. She curses a lot. She pushes herself to tears. She competes against herself. Sometimes, she makes a mess. Those wonderful 11:00 friends (Matt, Erica, Lindsey, Kevin, Jeff) are her rocks. She will not give up or allow her best to be good enough that day. She wants to be just another member, treated like everyone else. She is not the boss here but the student.   She walks in, does what she must do, and then leaves. She doesn’t stay long (anywhere actually). It is her playground, her classroom, her bubble, her strength…

Why do these 2 never meet?

I do not play where I work. There are seldom moments that I take my jacket off at work and workout there. Most people at my gym think I’m just a runner. They see me on the treadmill or outside trying to get a satellite signal on my watch. It’s my professional playground. When I work out at CrossFit Alexandria, it is my peace. I’m not in charge. I’m there to learn, to better myself, and to be like everyone else. I am in a complete different world and I like it.

Going in to the New Year, as you are choosing gyms for those New Years Resolution, make sure you are comfortable and trusting in your instructors or trainers. Find what and who moves you.

We have all had them, those instructors, coaches, or personal trainers, that we are so eager to get to class or the gym to get that great intense workout. Then there are those instructors, coaches or personal trainers that we would rather be chained up than attend that class or workout session. It happens to the best of us. It happens at every gym. People just have their preferences. It is not right or wrong. Personality conflicts are everywhere. I get it. Some people can’t handle my training techniques either, but I’m cool with it and it doesn’t hurt my feelings (anymore).

But what do you do when you’re just not compatible with the instructor? Not go? YOU BETTER GO! Go do something, no one is making you take the class, but don’t sacrifice a workout because of this. It’s called, find something else to do that day. I have literally seen people come to the gym, not like the instructor and then leave. I’ve done it too. You made an effort to go to the gym to leave. Seriously, go get on the treadmill. I simply did the workout at the gym I work at.

As a coach, I treat my clients like family. They give me 100% and I promise to do the same for them. One client recently asked, “how do you program that you take us right to the edge of the cliff but you don’t let us fall?’ It is simple. I learn my clients. I push accordingly and I expect no less than their potential on that day. I push limits. I take chances. I create. I respond. I motivate. I modify. I coach.

Here’s a shocker to some, I am a coach, but I have a coach. Everyone needs a coach, even the best in the business.

My coach pushes me to be better than I was when I walked in. I take his screaming, yelling, high fives, sarcasm, wit, and incredible sense of encouragement to heart. He sees my potential and never allows me to strive for less. There are no boundaries that I cannot exceed in my fitness opportunity. What makes him this way? He makes everyone feel like a champ in their own way.

I have also had coaches in my life that have never had a positive thing to say to me during a class. Even to the point that they holler for the person right next to me, but never acknowledge me. This sounds extremely childish, but as a coach myself, it is Coaching 101 at its best. You never disregard anyone in your class. Coaching is not learned, you have it or you don’t. It is what I like to call a gift.   Yes, there are instructors that I do not participate with either. It’s called a choice.

“Find a coach that makes you feel on the inside, how you want to look on the outside.”


Here are a few tips on finding that perfect coach.


A Good Coach:

Focuses on your needs

Assesses your goals

Listens to you

Makes changes when necessary

Is not afraid to fix your form or change the program accordingly when it’s not working

Tells you the truth

Leads you down a path of results

Encourages you

Challenges you

Pisses you off

Makes you be your best self

Becomes family

Pushes your limits

Works out with you

Never allows you to quit

Teaches not criticizes

Creates an atmosphere that is comfortable for you

Earns your trust and respect

Doesn’t accept excuses

And when necessary has a cup of coffee with you or takes you on a walk because some days you just need to get things off your chest.




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