Sometimes the most unlikely places are where you find the most wisdom. It is here in these places that many have too much pride or ego to sit and listen or to bask in the world of people that are different. Judging others seems to take precedence over kindness.

I was watching this video the other day, as many of you may have already seen it.

I laughed, cried and listened to it about 4 times. There was so much said in that 10 minutes. I wonder did you listen? Did you stop listening in the middle to go do something else? Did you allow your mind to wonder? I ask you to take 10 minutes of your day and truly listen to his words.

My notes…

“But a man”… Just a man. Who cares of color, or gender, or differences? Just be you and be the best damn you there is.

“Boys, I don’t have a problem if you aim high and miss… But I’m gunna have a real problem if you aim low and hit”… BAM… Stop taking the easy road. Fight for better and then fight for best.

“You’d rather be an hour early than a minute late”… Respect. Respect people’s time.

“Make sure your servants towel is bigger than your ego”… you are not better than anyone. You’re not. Not one thing you own makes you a better person than the cook.

“You are what you repeatedly do”… Amen! People see through your words and watch your actions. You are not invisible.

My favorite:

“Every day of your life, FIND YOUR BROOM”

“Pride is the burden of a foolish person”

It has taken many years to grow and to understand these two statements. There have been numerous times in my life that I have watched someone else sweep and had too much pride to take the broom. I ask myself why? And for no other reason but to watch them do it.   Those times have changed. No one else can do it for you. If you want it, build it, grow it, fight for it, and don’t lose sight of who you are. How do you live?

There is so much power in standing tall in the worst situations. When you fall, rock bottom is hard to come up from. You find your will and your worth to get back on your feet. Unstoppable.


Strong – Mitzi


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