So many old and new…

I love hearing about how families stay the same and how they change through the years.

For my family, it was a long-lived tradition to potluck at the RV at Touchdown Village 3 (near Tiger Stadium) on Thanksgiving Day. My dad and step – mom cooked, everyone brought a little something extra, the kids road bikes, and we ate, drank and watched football all day.   Friday morning, we would begin again with t he tailgating before the LSU – Arkansas game. Those were great memories. As you Tigah Fans know, that tradition was cancelled not because of us.

Last year (2016), a dear friend of mine, Mimi, decided to begin a “Friendsgiving” tradition. Just simple, beautiful, kind, intimate, thankful and lots of fellowship and friendship enjoying the company of celebrating one another. I have attached pictures of this incredible evening.

A fun, less formal (new for me) tradition that I was invited to the night before Thanksgiving last year was FRY FEST at The Peaches House. Tom and Jennifer and their family are so inviting. They asked my family to join in this creative event.

They set out fryers and it is a contest to see who can fry the most inventive food. I brought pecan pie balls last year. The winner was a fried piece of tequila soaked pound cake. I’ll post pics of this year’s entrees on Friday.

Thanksgiving Day – I begin my morning with a “friends and family” style Bootcamp, usually held at a high school track. What a blessing it is to have health and friends to share it with.

There is a Turkey Trot 5K held at a local church a little later in the morning as well. I come home after Bootcamp, grab Elli, my daughter, and the newspaper to check out “Black Friday” goodies, and then we go watch and cheer on the runners as they head to the finish line. Don’t forget the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, load the car and then off to Bayou Rapides to celebrate how thankful we are for family.

My wish for you during this week is that you find peace, kindness, love, joy, good deals, a full belly, and something (lots) to be thankful for.

To each and every one of you reading this, I am THANKFUL for you.

Strong – Mitzi





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