Isn’t that the truth for most of us?

If I could eat a chocolate chip cookie every day, I promise I would, but I can’t. Mentally, physically, emotionally, I can’t. I couldn’t eat just one. I know this about myself.

Today, I was planning on discussing STRONG quotes or images that people share or stick on their fridge or bathroom mirror, but I had a change of heart. After last night, I decided to talk about / discuss / share my thoughts on cheat meals and how to recover from them. You say, “what do you mean recover?” It’s just that, you do it and then get back on track. I see people make a cheat meal in to a cheat day or a cheat weekend. I’m like NOOOOOOO – STOP!!!! The weekend is not an excuse to cheat on your diet and undo all your hard work from the week. It’s like Saturday and Sunday = no need to care. Since when is your nutrition not valid on those 2 days? Once you take your gloves off, you’ve lost the fight. You went into I don’t care mode. The fight of good and evil is lost.

Listen, with nutritional cheating or not cheating decisions, prepare yourself for the most ridicule of your life. When you say “no” to an adult beverage or anything not healthy at an event, people make fun of you. I’m not sure why that this continues to happen.   Not one person thinks that it’s normal. They would rather squirt you with the barbecue sauce than just let it go.

I’m on Day 21 of Whole 30, not that it would even matter in any case but… I went with a friend to a fundraiser event last night. Saying “no thank you” to anything that I could not eat or drink was like being thrown in the lion’s den. The next time I am at a social event of this nature, the more appropriate response that I will use is, “I’m a recovering alcohol” or “I’m pregnant”. People seem to let those two statements be left unquestionable. They don’t seem to be near as condescending of the fact that we just eat healthy. Yes, if I would not have been on Whole 30, I would have continued to monitor my food intake, but would have enjoyed a big ole glass of wine.

Cheating on your diet or nutrition is like anything else. It is a lack of will power, want, understanding, and a desire to change. Why do you want to continue to say, “I’ll start over tomorrow?” What exactly are you accomplishing?


A friend told me this morning, “I like it when I have been eating healthy for a while and then eat poorly. It really makes me feel sick, but I like it because I realize how much the bad food really affects you.”

I don’t think anyone begins their day with… Dear Diet, Things just aren’t working out between us so I’m quitting.

I think most people have good intentions of staying with it and getting results but you don’t follow through because you don’t have a game plan.

I’m just as human as you. I love pizza. I love wine. I love homemade desserts. I love chips and dip. Those 4 things would kill me if I allowed it. Yes, they do come in my life every now and then and in moderation. It’s perfectly okay to have treats occasionally, but make it a choice not a cheat! When it becomes your choice and you are mindful of what you’re about to put in your mouth, it then becomes mind over matter. CONTROL.

These are my 5 personnel rules for a cheat / choice meal:

  • NO GUILT – Enjoy every bite. Savor it. If you have guilt, it’s not worth it. You have missed the point or maybe you didn’t need that choice.
  • PLAN IT – You should have an idea when you will cheat. An upcoming party, ceremony, celebration, or just because you feel like you earned it are all positive reasons.
  • PORTION CONTROL – I say this because indulging should not be a license to binge.
  • SET LIMITS – Once a week or something controllable that you feel you can get back on track quickly.
  • MOVE ON – You’ve done it. You loved every second. It was delicious, now back on track.


These 5 rules for me keep me grounded. They keep me from over eating and guilt free the next morning. Keeping in mind, when you cheat, the only person that loses is you. How often you cheat, how much you consume, and how limited your self-control is plays a key part in staying in the fight.

To flip the scoreboard, I will also enlighten you on the 5 reasons I choose not to cheat:

  1. Cheat meals make me crave more cheat meals. I’m scared to lose control.
  2. I hate the bloat and feeling of fullness the next morning. My stomach is a mess. UGH!
  3. Does breaking from my strict diet to enjoy a cookie make me a cheater? Why does it have to be so negative? Can’t I just have a cookie? Sometimes the negative thoughts over run what is a positive in my diet. Again, all about my mind – is it worth it?
  4. Honestly, sometimes I don’t cheat to be a role model for others and my children.
  5. To prove to myself that I can say “no”. It’s a game I continue to play with myself. There have been times that I have craved a certain food, but fought it off just win against myself. Yes, it’s an illness. Whatever it takes, right?


I feel the need to insert a little soap box about kids here. This is my squirrel mode, as my best friend says when I switch randomly from one subject to another. The biggest reason I cheat or don’t cheat is my kids. Teaching them the importance of healthy living is monumental to me.

I see adults changing their eating patterns, cooking separate meals for themselves, and exercising all while having overweight children. Quick meals for them, gourmet meals for you. I said it. It’s my blog, I can.

Why are there no guidelines for your children, yet you have them for you? Are they less important? Just because your kiddo is itty bitty at 8 years old, doesn’t mean they will be at 13 years old.   Don’t get me wrong, my kids get Happy Meals, soft drinks, pizza, and junk as well. I’m not dismissing that. I have one child that is rail thin and would live off brownies and Totino’s pizza if I allowed him. I also have a filled out, solid little girl who would live off almond butter, pretzels, and sour patch kids if I allowed that. Where’s the balance? We as parents must set nutritional guidelines for our children. If it is just to give them a healthy path of dietary knowledge for their future. My last 2 cents, get them moving with you. I promise they can do those squats and push-ups just like you.

Leaving you with this, your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. That’s the truth.

Find balance in your cheat meals and snacks. This will be your success story. You will find a happier more confident you.

Cheat STRONG… Mitzi


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