Carnival Season, Birthday parties, Mardi Gras Balls, Friend’s houses, Business Meetings etc.

You name it… The temptation has been there, and I have given in. Eating and drinking and partying for the last four weeks have taken its toll over me. I feel like crap. I sleep like crap. I feel like I look like crap.

How do I get back on track?

I’d like your help. Let’s do this together. I can do it. I know for a fact when I flip this switch in my head, it is “GAME ON” with myself. Do I want to do Whole 30? Do I want to do a complete Paleo for 40 days, no cheats? Do I want to cleanse? Do I want to do a complete 30-day Isagenix plan? Your thoughts? Once I get on my kick, I will stay there. It is about this time every year, in which I fall off the nutrition wagon and must find friends to help me get on track to keep me accountable for about 30 days. I’m good to go until about November.

YOU… I am calling you out.   Who’s with me? Food plans, recipes, exercise, 30 (or 40) days of “On the Move with Mitzi”. Weigh, Measure, Lose, Accountability…

What does this entail? I don’t really know. Let’s figure it out as we go. I’ll get start date and rules together. I then will go LIVE on expectation and how this will work.

All you have to do is commit. If I can detox, so can you.

Why not do it with those that want / need the change?

Our results are far greater if we work together.




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