When you figure out your Strong Mind, your Strong Body will follow.

Judgement zone! People will judge you by your body in a split second. They will size you up. They will make up a story about you. They will eyeball you from top to bottom and then bottom to top.   They will whisper as you walk by.   Oh yeah! You know you are guilty. Why? Human nature is all I can come up with. There are times that people truly probably do not realize they are doing it.

Of course, many of you reading this looked at the words STRONG Body and immediately thought of muscles, athleticism, or body builders.

Stereotypical strong is where we are moving away from. Did it ever occur to you that it means YOUR body? How do you perceive your body as you continue to judge someone else’s?   We have got to start putting ourselves first and stop this comparative mental hell and anguish that we want to be someone else, because they may have better features on the outside.   EEEEKKKKKK! That hurt!

I train a multitude of body types. No one is like another. Results happen, but they vary tremendously with the individual.

News Flash! We do not lose or gain weight all the same.

C’mon surely we know this by now. I do not care how many abdominal exercises you do, or squats, or triceps dips or whatever, your body is your body. Accept it.   You can thank your parents for it. They created you. It is their gene pool. You were lucky enough to get a little of each of their features, good, bad, or ugly ones. Let’s work with what we were given.   This goes right back to strong mind. We can kick ourselves in the ass for overeating and our clothes not fitting, hating our body, but when do you decide to change.


Do I love myself? Go ahead ask me.

I hear people talking about me as well. Yes, I have nice legs and arms. I can admit that. But, I hate my knees. I have a 6-inch scar down my stomach where I had an appendectomy at age 2 and then a caesarean section with twins 9 years ago. That’s hard to face in a mirror when you work so hard for your body. I use to want plastic surgery to fix it. I have even had a consultation with a surgeon. At some point, I realized, it is who I am. It is part of what has made me who I am, a reminder of survival and motherhood. I do strive to work harder in my fitness opportunities because of it.

You have one body, what are you doing with it?

How many of you have said, “It’s just a cookie, I’m overweight anyway what’s it going to hurt?” I know you have because I have said it. How many have said, “It’s just a cookie, I’ll burn it off in the morning when I exercise”? I have said that many times too. Here is your reality… It matters! For so many of you, you think it is too late to get your body back. You have had kids, surgeries, injuries, stress, divorce, deaths, or life got in the way. Here is your next reality… It’s never too late! Your excuses get in your way.

It was 2004, I was ready to toe the line at the Cajun Country Half Marathon in Lafayette, La. It was a two-loop course flat but still challenging. Looking around, I started thinking, “I think I can beat her”, “I’ll catch her on loop 2”, “that girl looks super-fast”. My mind was racing. There was this one girl. She was buff, her legs like thoroughbreds, her build was huge. She was kind of scary, but super nice. To me, she was too big to be a runner. She wasn’t that runner type you see in the magazines or running marathons. There was no doubt in my mind that I was beating this chic. The gun went off and I never saw her again until the finish line. She was first female overall with the most impressive time I had ever seen. She smoked that course and me. Lesson learned on that day, never judge a book by its cover.

So many times, we do! How fair is that to anyone? Stop judging others and start judging yourself, your goals, and your expectations of you. Stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing yourself to the person in the mirror.

Find the good in your body and let’s start working from there. Write it down.

There is no possible way that you hate everything about your body. I don’t care if you love your eyebrows, make a list of things you love about your outer self and things you would like to change. If you love yourself, shout it, say it, own it. Confidence is a beautiful thing.

We see these women (and men) on the beach, at the gym, in the club, or at a restaurant, in barely anything or clothes too tight or too low or bikini’s that we would die to be able to wear. They sport these outfit like a champ as we sit with our mouths wide open saying, “what was she/he thinking”? “Did she/he look in the mirror before they left the house?” “Where are their true friends that tell them they shouldn’t wear that?” You know you are guilty. I’ve done it.   There comes a point when you must say, “I wish I had their confidence.” What am I lacking that they are not? Don’t we all wish we could feel that good about ourselves?

Your body is your temple. If you love it, you will feel freedom of the mind. You will begin walking differently, smiling differently, seeing people differently, and loving to have your picture taken. Seriously. If you accept that you are not perfect nor ever will be, you will find success. If you continue to strive for perfection, you will be disappointed. I am sorry, but it’s the truth. You must find balance in your life.   Find your body, your peace of mind, your self-worth, and not what someone else thinks you should be.

Magazine covers, infomercials, Facebook ads, television, Hollywood, etc. paints the picture of a perfect body. We are supposed to believe a machine or supplement can help us achieve the look of a super model. People believe this! It amazes me. Too often, I get a picture of some hot chic in little to no clothes with perfect boobs, booty for days, legs carved, back ripped, air brushed abs and she is extremely proportioned brought in from a client. The question, “can I look like this?” My answer, “NO”.   Clients have said, “I put this picture on my refrigerator or bathroom mirror for motivation.” How exactly does that motivate you?   Why don’t you put that outfit on, take a picture of yourself and put that on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror? There is your motivation. Take a picture every month and put a new one up. Have you changed? I hate to hurt your feelings but your gene pool is not hers.

You cannot make an apple a pear. You cannot make an hourglass a rectangle. You are made to be you.

The greatest part of being you is that you and only you can find the strength to change.


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    1. Thank you. Honestly, I don’t know how all this works. I’m very new at this. Learning as I go. So glad you found me.
      Stay STRONG.

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