“Ability is what you’re capable of. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

First impressions are hard to take back. You can give off a vibe of self-worth and confidence or you can oppose that with insecurity and timidity. Where are you?

When your feet hit the ground every morning, you decide how to conquer your day. Your attitude!

We allow others to control our attitude. It’s a choice. Yes, it is.

How well do you have control over your emotions that you do not allow other people’s words and actions to affect you?

This is spouse, children, friends, co-workers, a car that cuts you off, a text, an email, etc.

I know there are many mornings my daughter makes me crazy. We have argued over hair, clothes, leggings, shoes, food, and the list goes on. It can make me lose my mind. Why did I allow her to aggravate me? I am the mother here let’s not forget. My choice. I did not handle the situation as I should have.

Let’s talk about your attitude towards a better you! Excuses reflect your attitude. One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to control your attitude and the way it impacts your well-being. It’s your mind. It’s your choice. Your self-critic is powerful.

Your health and nutrition reflects your attitude. When you encounter hard times, you self-sabotage these two things. Some of you grab junk food, others a bottle of wine, some just sit in self-pity. Why? Instead of doing something positive for yourself, like going to the gym, or for a walk, or somewhere to clear your head, you choose to have a negative attitude and waller in self-defeat. Why would anyone choose to do this? It is how you choose to respond that is key to changing how you view any circumstance.

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” John Mitchell

In my life…

The last few months have been rocky. Poor choices on my part have caused a strain in many relationships of mine, from spouse to friends to work environment.   With this comes ridicule, judgement, indifferences, gossip, and heartache. Someone even called me insecure. That is one word I laugh at. If there is one attribute that I do not possess, it is insecurity.   The world and community can be a cruel place.

I dove in to self-pity for about 24 hours. My thoughts everywhere. Nothing was clear. What was I doing? How was I spiraling? How was I coming out of this? The phone rang. It was one of my best girlfriends. That true friend that never holds words back. I pray you all have a Kathryn in your life. Her words to me were “Who are you right now? I have never seen you weak. You are not the person I know. Get up and do something about this. You are stronger than this.”

Did I need to hear that? This tiger woke up. My attitude immediately changed. It was time to hold my head high, tackle this situation head on, allow people to judge and talk without it causing stress in my life. My choice! The loudest and most influential voice is yours.

No one controls you. That’s all on you.

People’s perception of you comes from your affirmation of yourself.

I ask you two questions. What motivates you? What triggers you? When you find this, you find how to take action, proper action. A discovery that takes your attitude to a brighter, more optimistic place. I like to say, “your confidence hangs in your closet”. Men and women, get dressed, get out, hold those shoulders back, lift that chin and take on the world.

Humor. Laugh. It truly is the best medicine. It will change your attitude completely. Find the humor in all aspects of life, it is powerful.

Exercise. It just makes you feel good. Let’s be honest, throwing a little weight around is exhilarating. With this is nutrition, that tub of ice cream, sleeve of cookies, whole pizza, or alcohol is not fixing your attitude.

I say to you – greet people with a smile, with enthusiasm, and as my dear friend Lycia reminds me, always be GOOD, GRACIOUS, and KIND.

Go Get ‘em Tiger…



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    1. I am honestly just learning about all this. I’m definitely not a tech guru just a girl with thoughts on paper.

  1. Having read this I believed it was really enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this information together. I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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