Macros – No, she isn’t – Yes, she is.

Macros – No, she isn’t – Yes, she is.

Why am I? Because someone asked me to write about my thoughts on it. You ask, you receive.

Diet and exercise – You don’t hear about one without hearing about the other. In all honesty, diet wins every time. You are what you eat. Your body is a representation of what you put in it. While the amount you eat will always impact your ability to lose or gain muscle, not all calories are created equal. You must look beyond calorie counting to achieve your optimal benefit of your weight loss (if that is what you are going for).

What’s a macro? Macro is short for macronutrient not to be confused with micronutrient. Your macros are the exact amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you consume in your day. Micro is your daily vitamins and minerals. And then there are those empty calories like in alcohol.

Let’s go back to 6th grade Science, maybe 2nd grade Science these days.

Protein – You get this from animal and ocean sources, protein bars, powders, shakes, eggs (Yes, even the yolks are healthy!), and such. You are bombarded about more protein, more protein. Why? How much? This is where you gain your muscle and prevent muscle loss. It also controls your hunger (you thought carbs did), keeps you fueled (you thought carbs did), and helps burn calories (you thought carbs did).   Depending on how much you need depends on your goals.

Fats – Good, bad and ugly. How good is good and how bad is bad? You need fat to absorb vitamins and minerals, regulate hormones, etc. The problem is it’s more calorically dense than the other macros so it’s easy to eat in excess and many of us consume fats in the wrong way. Some of the best ways to incorporate these are with nuts, nut butters, avocados, meat, olive oil, or coconut oil. How much will depend on your goals as with protein.

Carbs – These complete your triangle. They are stored and used for essential energy. You know the drill, fruits, veggies, grains, processed foods, drinks, and anything that you crave. Again, how much? Same as above, it depends,

Macros VS Calories

All calories come from macros

1 gram of protein = 4 calories

1 gram of carbs = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories

Are you with me? We remember this from elementary school.

Grab a food scale – You’ll need this on your journey. This little gadget will WOW you of how much you over eat or under eat. Your serving size is about to make you super mindful.

How to calculate how much your body needs of each? There are tons of websites that can help you with that or find an incredibly knowledgeable individual that can sit with you and explain it to fit your needs.

Finding a coach can also help you better assess changes as they need to be made, as a nutritional protocol should constantly evolve.

How to hold yourself accountable? The apps on your phone are right at your fingertips. Do you remember when you were counting calories before a smart phone and you were like please nobody clear my calculator today, don’t touch my adding machine, or my legal pad is my life. Now, it is all in your hands all day long. All you have to do is enter your info.

The expert that I called upon was Jessica Durando. She is a nutrition coach through iN3 Nutrition. She is incredibly reputable and knows her shit. There were many questions I had regarding exercise along with macros. Here is what she had to say “Whenever I make a macro prescription, it’s based off a total calorie amount, and those calories are then appropriately distributed across your macros. The numbers are based on a number of factors, including goals, diet history, exercise modality, and current nutritional intake. I don’t always give a calorie goal, because some people freak out when they are over or under. Instead we focus on hitting your macro goals, which will allow you to be in the caloric range that’s best set for you. While I take exercise regimen into account, I don’t have them deduct or add calories based on training days vs rest days, unless they participate in a training modality where that may be appropriate (such as body building). We are looking to create a consistent intake across the board that accounts for your exercise regimen, and we assess for changes based on the number of biofeedback markers including energy, hunger response, sleep, hormones, mood and weight fluctuations. If I have someone on a prescription and we find it’s not enough food or too much food based on their biofeedback, we can always adjust accordingly. That’s why I do coaching – a nutritional plan should always be changing and individualized so it’s important to adjust as needed. It’s all relative to the person.”

Her email is

Check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

I will be the first say, I am not an expert, she is. I understand the system, but I have not totally gone to counting macros. I’m definitely leaning for sure. I have seen tremendous results and balance with it through others. If you are ready to commit, Jessica is your girl.

I hope this gives you a little more explanation of what it is and how it works. If I don’t have the answers, I promise to lead you in the right direction.

Stay Strong – Mitzi




Do you ever wonder, where do I go from here?

In 2017, I launched STRONG. I did not have a clue as to how well it would be received, how it would inspire, how it would encourage a stranger, how it would grow, and how over 12 months it is such a huge part of my life.

To all of you, I say THANK YOU.

Welcome to STRONG 2018. We are still alive and have lots of plans for the new year. More challenges, more opportunities, more visibility, more power, and more strength are coming your way. Am I nervous? Of course, I am. When Holly uses words like YouTube Channel, pod cast, books… I’m like “OH SHIT” but “LET’s DO IT” in the same sentence. I’m ready to walk through doors that the good Lord opens for me. He has yet to lead me wrong. I just trust.

I am here for you. I do this because I love it. As many of you know, half ass is not my style. It’s all or nothing. There are days I am lazier than others, that my motivation lacks, that my courage is lost, that my give-a-damn flies away… I am human. I am not broken. I always find my way back.

2018 Goals…

My thoughts to you are…

  • Set them, pursue them, don’t let it just be a thought, fight for it.
  • Place a value on your goals. You must value your gifts, your time and yourself. When you make a decision, you stick to it. Who will you become? What will you give? How will you do it?
  • Don’t allow others to steal your show. If you want it, take it. If you think it, do it. If you envision it, bring it to life. If you care about it, show people. If you want to change, choose it. If you believe in it, achieve it. If you don’t, someone else will.

Cheers to a new year with new beginnings… and remember, Dreams Do Come True.

STRONG – Mitzi

THIS Girl vs THAT Girl

Two completely different personalities in these pictures. Some (many) never get to see these 2 collide.

The Trainer – She programs to each as an individual. She modifies for injuries. She is your biggest cheerleader and she holds you accountable. She finishes that last set with you when you don’t think you can. She cares. She is more than your trainer. She is your friend. She treats everyone equal.

The Athlete – This girl… Some like her, some hate her. She curses a lot. She pushes herself to tears. She competes against herself. Sometimes, she makes a mess. Those wonderful 11:00 friends (Matt, Erica, Lindsey, Kevin, Jeff) are her rocks. She will not give up or allow her best to be good enough that day. She wants to be just another member, treated like everyone else. She is not the boss here but the student.   She walks in, does what she must do, and then leaves. She doesn’t stay long (anywhere actually). It is her playground, her classroom, her bubble, her strength…

Why do these 2 never meet?

I do not play where I work. There are seldom moments that I take my jacket off at work and workout there. Most people at my gym think I’m just a runner. They see me on the treadmill or outside trying to get a satellite signal on my watch. It’s my professional playground. When I work out at CrossFit Alexandria, it is my peace. I’m not in charge. I’m there to learn, to better myself, and to be like everyone else. I am in a complete different world and I like it.

Going in to the New Year, as you are choosing gyms for those New Years Resolution, make sure you are comfortable and trusting in your instructors or trainers. Find what and who moves you.

We have all had them, those instructors, coaches, or personal trainers, that we are so eager to get to class or the gym to get that great intense workout. Then there are those instructors, coaches or personal trainers that we would rather be chained up than attend that class or workout session. It happens to the best of us. It happens at every gym. People just have their preferences. It is not right or wrong. Personality conflicts are everywhere. I get it. Some people can’t handle my training techniques either, but I’m cool with it and it doesn’t hurt my feelings (anymore).

But what do you do when you’re just not compatible with the instructor? Not go? YOU BETTER GO! Go do something, no one is making you take the class, but don’t sacrifice a workout because of this. It’s called, find something else to do that day. I have literally seen people come to the gym, not like the instructor and then leave. I’ve done it too. You made an effort to go to the gym to leave. Seriously, go get on the treadmill. I simply did the workout at the gym I work at.

As a coach, I treat my clients like family. They give me 100% and I promise to do the same for them. One client recently asked, “how do you program that you take us right to the edge of the cliff but you don’t let us fall?’ It is simple. I learn my clients. I push accordingly and I expect no less than their potential on that day. I push limits. I take chances. I create. I respond. I motivate. I modify. I coach.

Here’s a shocker to some, I am a coach, but I have a coach. Everyone needs a coach, even the best in the business.

My coach pushes me to be better than I was when I walked in. I take his screaming, yelling, high fives, sarcasm, wit, and incredible sense of encouragement to heart. He sees my potential and never allows me to strive for less. There are no boundaries that I cannot exceed in my fitness opportunity. What makes him this way? He makes everyone feel like a champ in their own way.

I have also had coaches in my life that have never had a positive thing to say to me during a class. Even to the point that they holler for the person right next to me, but never acknowledge me. This sounds extremely childish, but as a coach myself, it is Coaching 101 at its best. You never disregard anyone in your class. Coaching is not learned, you have it or you don’t. It is what I like to call a gift.   Yes, there are instructors that I do not participate with either. It’s called a choice.

“Find a coach that makes you feel on the inside, how you want to look on the outside.”


Here are a few tips on finding that perfect coach.


A Good Coach:

Focuses on your needs

Assesses your goals

Listens to you

Makes changes when necessary

Is not afraid to fix your form or change the program accordingly when it’s not working

Tells you the truth

Leads you down a path of results

Encourages you

Challenges you

Pisses you off

Makes you be your best self

Becomes family

Pushes your limits

Works out with you

Never allows you to quit

Teaches not criticizes

Creates an atmosphere that is comfortable for you

Earns your trust and respect

Doesn’t accept excuses

And when necessary has a cup of coffee with you or takes you on a walk because some days you just need to get things off your chest.




Healthy Restaurant Options

I think I may have sent this out once before, but I have been asked to repost this and revise it a little.

“What do I eat at a restaurant?”

“I don’t know how to choose healthy options.”

“The menu is too big.”

“I’m on Whole 30 HELP.”

I put together a list of restaurants and what is “paleo/healthy/W30” friendly options for you guys.

There are some chain restaurants, but most are local hot spots in Central Louisiana. I have found that local owners are very open to changing their menu to please their customers.

Chain Restaurants:

Outback: Steak (no butter) / sweet potato; fish (no sauce) steamed broccoli

Sombreros: naked fajitas (just grill the meat and veggies no butter or oil) the Salsa and guacamole are both compliant

Texas Road House: Steak (no butter); sweet potato; steamed broccoli; salad with oil and vinegar

Moe’s / Izzo’s / Chipotle: The Bowl (no rice / no beans) veggies and chicken or steak. (ask if they have sugar in salsa)

Jimmy Johns: Lettuce wrap

Most restaurants with fish or steak can accommodate steak and fish as compliant.

If worse comes to worse just tell them you are allergic to gluten, soy and dairy…

Local Hot Spots:

Spirits: Ask for the “healthy menu”. I made it. I’m proud of it. It works and its fantastic.

Eddies: Sweet potato or white potato with beef or chicken

Outlaws: Sweet potato or white potato with lean beef or chicken. I am working with them in the next upcoming months to have a complete healthy menu option. Stay tuned.

Good People Kitchen: Kate has a case full of options and they’re labeled. You cannot go wrong.

Khans: Put your veggies / meat in the bowl (no rice or noodles) and bring your own Coconut Aminos for sauce and you are set.

Verona’s: Lamb and broccoli

3 Potato More: The Griller add chicken (no butter or cheese)

Embers: There are W30 items listed on the menu

Saki Sushi: Rolls with no rice and no sauce

Mandarin: Rolls with no rice and no sauce; any entrée can be steamed (just ask)

And… all of you Mi Tierra fans… They are moving a location to Alexandria and have asked me to help with a healthy menu. I am very honored and excited about this.

I hope this is beneficial to you. If ever you get in bind, please PM me and I can help you out of your panic attack. There is ALWAYS an option. You don’t have to cheat.

Strong Menu Items – Mitzi




Why not cheese?

This is the question.

Yikes… So many mixed emotions on this. Agree or disagree. I’m just going to answer that question based on what I know. Dairy products (milk from cows or goats) help little baby calves grow fast. Breast milk is what we humans feed our babies for the first few months, year(s), decades in some cases. I mean to each his own in this case.

Lactose can produce inflammation within your body which can lead to obesity, diabetes, an increase in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also full of sodium.

Cheese is addictive. You tend to consume too much as a time, every time. There is proof of this. It’s all about the source of casein and how it breaks down into casomorphins in your gut. I just lost you. I get it. Look it up. I’m not here to bore you.

Is it BAD for you? Yes and no. Should it be consumed in moderation?   Yes.

You don’t know if it affects you unless you give it up. True story.

It’s all fun and games until you ask someone to give up cheese. You become a punching bag.

I love cheese and yes, I still eat it every now and then. I don’t make casseroles with it or pizza or really anything. BUUUUUUTTT… I have found a new cheese sauce that is completely paleo.   It is from Tonight, I made chicken spaghetti with the cheddar dip. You know the kind that your mom uses to make with Velveeta and rotel.

When you purchase Velveeta from the shelf and not in the fridge, does that trigger your thoughts of it can’t be real cheese? Food for thought there, you’re welcome.

This cheese sauces ingredients include water potatoes, cashews, carrots, onions, vinegar, sea salt, garlic powder.

This is what I used:

Spaghetti squash; The Honest Stand Cheddar; 2 rotisserie chickens; 1 can Rotel

Bake your squash

Debone your chickens

Mix rotel and cheese

Place all ingredient in 9×11 baking dish

Bake at 350 for 45 minute and an hour

Bring healthy cheese back to your entrees.

Strong – Mitzi



So many old and new…

I love hearing about how families stay the same and how they change through the years.

For my family, it was a long-lived tradition to potluck at the RV at Touchdown Village 3 (near Tiger Stadium) on Thanksgiving Day. My dad and step – mom cooked, everyone brought a little something extra, the kids road bikes, and we ate, drank and watched football all day.   Friday morning, we would begin again with t he tailgating before the LSU – Arkansas game. Those were great memories. As you Tigah Fans know, that tradition was cancelled not because of us.

Last year (2016), a dear friend of mine, Mimi, decided to begin a “Friendsgiving” tradition. Just simple, beautiful, kind, intimate, thankful and lots of fellowship and friendship enjoying the company of celebrating one another. I have attached pictures of this incredible evening.

A fun, less formal (new for me) tradition that I was invited to the night before Thanksgiving last year was FRY FEST at The Peaches House. Tom and Jennifer and their family are so inviting. They asked my family to join in this creative event.

They set out fryers and it is a contest to see who can fry the most inventive food. I brought pecan pie balls last year. The winner was a fried piece of tequila soaked pound cake. I’ll post pics of this year’s entrees on Friday.

Thanksgiving Day – I begin my morning with a “friends and family” style Bootcamp, usually held at a high school track. What a blessing it is to have health and friends to share it with.

There is a Turkey Trot 5K held at a local church a little later in the morning as well. I come home after Bootcamp, grab Elli, my daughter, and the newspaper to check out “Black Friday” goodies, and then we go watch and cheer on the runners as they head to the finish line. Don’t forget the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, load the car and then off to Bayou Rapides to celebrate how thankful we are for family.

My wish for you during this week is that you find peace, kindness, love, joy, good deals, a full belly, and something (lots) to be thankful for.

To each and every one of you reading this, I am THANKFUL for you.

Strong – Mitzi






How thankful am I?

What a year it has been. This is the time where reflection begins to happen. Thanksgiving is next week, and we begin planning for family and friends. Celebrating amongst a feast is most tradition. A client of mine gives gifts on Thanksgiving and not Christmas. He believes this is the holiday you should celebrate those you are thankful for. I agree. We get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season and tend to bypass what really matters.

In saying all that, I put my Christmas decorations out this weekend. Why? Because I had time. Not because I am “skipping” Thanksgiving but more that I had time to myself to get it done. I was so very thankful for that.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.” Camille Pissaro

So… about a year ago, my dear friend, Holly, approached me with a vision of creating a website and blog. I was like, no thank you. Here is where we started, 2 girls with a dream. When you don’t believe in yourself, someone else does. I promise. I have been the least confident person and I have been the most confident. When fear is your state of mind, it is so very hard to overcome. I was most concerned with what others would think, or how everyone else would react when Mitzi came out with a blog. It took a while to own it and realize haters will hate and if I reach, encourage, strengthen, or enlighten just one person then I have made a difference. Holly was my absolute biggest fan with this. She said make a list of what you want to talk about. With that, I came up with 24 topics. Some I was more passionate about than others, but all 24 I felt were important lessons in health, fitness and life. Let me say, it felt damn good to write about it. I have watched thousands of people read my blog. You can’t imagine how thankful I am for your feedback and positive words. It’s not over by any means. She wants me to talk about cheese. I laugh because she is serious.   I am open to your ideas as well, please share with me a topic that you’d like me to touch on and I will be glad to share my vision (opinion) about it.

STRONG is alive more than ever. I have big plans for it. It’s who I am and who I strive to be. It is an amazing feeling to be approached by strangers that say they read your blog and appreciate you. This is when you realize what you’re doing is definitely the right thing. Not a lot of people can say that.

Struggle is real. I read it on social media every day. I want to say stop wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt and get your ass up and fix yourself. If you are waiting on someone else to do it, good luck. You will be a miserable person for a very long time. I do not feel sorry for you.   Illness, relationships, jobs, etc., I have read all about them. Be you, and be the best you that you can be. If you don’t have that friend that is honest enough to tell you that, you need new friends. I have those best girlfriends that keep it real and then I have those guy friends that keep it real. Do I like their insight all the time? Hell no! A good mix of both keep me on my toes. The most valuable lesson that I have learned this year was your “friends” are far and few in between. My friends don’t rotate. Think about that. Do your friends rotate? Find you and find those that will never let you down.


What inspires you to become more than you were when you arrived? Make the best of every situation. Find your joy in all walks of life. Remember, someone else in this world would love to be walking in your shoes.

I was at a seminar 2 years ago and I remember being asked to “turn my inspiration into action” and to answer these 3 questions. That’s a bigger task than I thought.

  • What inspires me? To help others make a change. To never give up on those I believe in. To teach health and fitness in the most knowledgeable, experienced manner that I can. To live what I believe. To experience what others may want to achieve. To give back to this community. To be known as someone who practices what she preaches. Most of all, if you’re reading this, YOU inspire me to continue being the best me. To teach.
  • Why is it important? Because 17 years ago, I ran 1 mile without stopping for the first time in my life. That moment taught me everyone starts somewhere. If I can be someone’s mile marker, then sign me up. If I can help anyone at any time to be more than they think they are, I am your girl.
  • How will you bring it into your life? Stay real and stay focused. Always be honest.   Be there for people. Most importantly, care and work your ass off. Live the words that you write. Inspire without knowing you did so.

I was walking through Kroger parking lot about a week ago. A sweet lady stopped me and said, “every time I see you, I stand up straighter and fix myself.” I did not know her, but what an astounding statement. If I can do that to someone, win win.

Let me share two text messages I received this week. Let me preface by saying, I am sharing because this is my what, why and how of inspiration.

  • “Just thinking about how scared I got when I saw those girls lunging in the parking lot with loaded barbells. Scared me to death!! I’ve been thinking about it and have spent the weekend with my mom and sister who can’t get over how different I look and how hard my legs have gotten and how much smaller my arms are. I’m actually inspired and can’t wait for the day where I’m lunging with those beastly bars! However, I’m pretty confident I’ll still yell at you until I love you at the end.”

She wants it. Hard work, results, tears, sweat, and belief within ourselves is what inspires us to keep fighting. Could not be more proud of her.

  • “Funny how my first day back at the gym in months and I see you… doing your thing. I’m starting back slow, trying not to be too hard on myself for starting over yet again. My fitness level has tanked, but I I’m a fighter and I’ve got my fight back! Thanks for remaining supportive!”

I call that a “God Wink”.   She is right. I am your biggest cheerleader all the time. I don’t give up on you, you do. She is a fighter and she is back.   I love this.


As the holidays approach, ask yourself what really matters… fine china or paper plates?   They both feed your hunger. One is not better than the other in the real scheme of things.   Be thankful for having a good foundation, for the people you are surrounded by, for life, for health, and for the grace of God.

I am thankful for each of you. STRONG has never been STRONGER.

Be Good, Gracious and Kind

Much love, Mitzi



Sometimes the most unlikely places are where you find the most wisdom. It is here in these places that many have too much pride or ego to sit and listen or to bask in the world of people that are different. Judging others seems to take precedence over kindness.

I was watching this video the other day, as many of you may have already seen it.

I laughed, cried and listened to it about 4 times. There was so much said in that 10 minutes. I wonder did you listen? Did you stop listening in the middle to go do something else? Did you allow your mind to wonder? I ask you to take 10 minutes of your day and truly listen to his words.

My notes…

“But a man”… Just a man. Who cares of color, or gender, or differences? Just be you and be the best damn you there is.

“Boys, I don’t have a problem if you aim high and miss… But I’m gunna have a real problem if you aim low and hit”… BAM… Stop taking the easy road. Fight for better and then fight for best.

“You’d rather be an hour early than a minute late”… Respect. Respect people’s time.

“Make sure your servants towel is bigger than your ego”… you are not better than anyone. You’re not. Not one thing you own makes you a better person than the cook.

“You are what you repeatedly do”… Amen! People see through your words and watch your actions. You are not invisible.

My favorite:

“Every day of your life, FIND YOUR BROOM”

“Pride is the burden of a foolish person”

It has taken many years to grow and to understand these two statements. There have been numerous times in my life that I have watched someone else sweep and had too much pride to take the broom. I ask myself why? And for no other reason but to watch them do it.   Those times have changed. No one else can do it for you. If you want it, build it, grow it, fight for it, and don’t lose sight of who you are. How do you live?

There is so much power in standing tall in the worst situations. When you fall, rock bottom is hard to come up from. You find your will and your worth to get back on your feet. Unstoppable.


Strong – Mitzi



Strong Answers for Questions?


Strong Questions for Answers?

Depending on how you would like to view this post is up to you. Every day I get thrown questions, questions that I would think people would know about the fitness industry. In all honesty, they don’t, or maybe they do, and just don’t like the answer. I’m not real sure. I have chosen 11 of the most frequent asked questions I am asked as a trainer, friend, relative, or just as ME! Here are my answers…

  1. Should I just do cardio to lose weight?

Answer: No, not just cardio – cardio, weight training and diet is your answer. Cardio is great to burn fat (while in the act) but one method is not enough. You probably won’t see lean muscle mass if this is all you do. Muscles help raise your metabolic rate and therefore, weight training and cardio go hand in hand.

2.  Do I give up all carbs?

Answer: No! There are 3 macronutrients, fats, protein and carbs. Your body needs all 3. If your body consumes one in excess of the others, you will see a weight gain. It’s called balance. Should you not eat simple carbs? Absolutely.   You should be looking for sugars that are found naturally in food and not processed or refined.   This is why I look at ingredients and not a label.

3.  How can I not bulk up?

Answer: My favorite #1 question of all time that is followed by this statement… “I can’t lift heavy because it makes my legs bigger.” Uhmmmmm ok.   This is true to some extent. I get it.   You want to be progressive in your training, not too much too soon. Will you build muscle? Yes. Your bulk comes from muscle under fat. You want lean muscle? Get rid of the fat. Your nutrition should be on point. You are not leaning by eating crap and working out. Lean muscles = Lean meals. Sorry folks, but that is a fact. I can promise you, I lift heavy and I’m not walking around looking like I’m on steroids.

4.  Can I get injured doing squats or lunges?

Answer: You can get hurt doing any movement incorrectly. Squatting can be very beneficial. Squatting with terrible form can be very harmful. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if your form is correct.

5.  You preach paleo – Is that all you believe in?

Answer: I do believe in it, but… I also have been around long enough to know that just because it’s a fact that it works, people will not do it or even try it. They want easy. Sorry, not sorry. That’s a fact. I have seen it on W30. What an incredible beautiful journey those 30 days are for people and then comes Day 31… Bye Felicia! 30 days down the drain. Yes, I have incorporated a supplement in to my life – WHAT DID SHE SAY? True story. After realizing I was not getting all the proper nutrients that my body needs, I began researching. I found a soy free, dairy free, gluten free, plant based supplement called Isagenix. I LOVE IT. It works for me. I still remain to cook paleo friendly, although I have added Isagenix in the mix. My results are amazing.

6.  Do you ever over eat?

Answer: Yes and no! I am very aware of what goes in. When I do overeat, I’m constantly talking to myself when I do it. It’s mostly at a party when I start grazing for no apparent reason or chips and dip. A friend of mine said at a recent baby shower, “if you never start, you wouldn’t lose control.” She was absolutely right as we were both, dipping crackers in a shrimp dip.

7.  Do you over train?

Answer: HA! I ask, do you under train? I have such mixed feelings on this. As for me, I would say no, but my physical therapist would say yes. Although I have not been to see Don in a while.   I think I know my body well enough now to know when enough is enough. Do I watch people over train, yes! Those that join a gym, jump in with 2 feet, killing it day in and day out, and them BAM, tore that shoulder right up. Or the non-runner that decides to run a marathon in 3 months, the likelihood of a knee, IT band, or plantar flaring up is likely and very common. As exciting as it is to begin your fitness journey, do so with caution.

8.  How do I get your legs?

Answer: Pick different parents. You can’t. I run every day, and I work out hard. Good genetics is where a lot of this lies. I promise I can say that about many of your abs. My abs suck, scars are my enemy. Embrace what you have, enhance your assets, and show them off.

9.  If I can do one thing to get fitter, what would you suggest?

Answer: Find what moves you and get started. I can’t answer this for you. If I had a dance class to join every day at 11:00, you would find me there. That’s not an option that I have.

10.  What would you tell me to cut out of my diet today?

Answer: Fast food and sodas

11.  What’s the secret?

Answer:   I wish I had an easy answer for that. The truth is hard work, dedication, a love for yourself, and the realization that every day you’re getting older not younger should be enough. Where will your body be in 1 year, 5 years, etc. is up to you. You are in control. Your choice.


If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer in my most honest opinion. If I could bring each and every one of you in the realm of how much better you would feel if you just changed something, I would. I can’t tell you how vested I am in my passion for changing you, this town, my family, the future… I can’t get enough.

Last but not least, stop talking about it and do it. You are the ONLY person that can change you.

STRONG – Mitzi


Strong Core:

The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of the strength within you that survives all hurt.” Max Lerner

Core is defined as the central or innermost part of anything.

For me, I look at this as 3 parts of the total body.

  1. It is your torso. Functional movement is highly dependent on this part and lack of core muscular development can result in a predisposition to injury.
  2. It is what drives your inner being. You getting up to conquer the world or moping around waiting for some miracle to do it for you is a choice. Your will to do your best in life. Your competitive nature and how you react to a win or a loss.
  3. It is your personality. Are you the same in every social setting or do you change to please others? Your core personality is not going to change – it is hard wired. When you create a personality (that voice in your head), your brain goes on overload. This is where you become undecided about your wants and where your priorities really lie in life.

“You have to set yourself goals so you can push yourself harder. Desire is the key to success.” Usain Bolt


Let’s go back to what most of us think about when we say “core”, your torso. I teach a 15-minute abdominal class 3 day a week. We focus strictly on strengthening our abs, back and oblique area. Why? It will help bring more balance to your body. It will lessen the likeliness of injuries. It protects your inner organs. Believe it or not, any back pain could be associated to a weak core. It will improve your posture and with this, you begin carrying yourself with a little more confidence. You will just simply feel better. Here are a few ideas to just to get you started. If you think of sit-ups when you think of abs, you shouldn’t. You should possibly start with a plank for seconds at a time and build up your time accordingly. Crunches are also a start to a full sit-up. Bridging your pelvic area is also good. Pace yourself.


As my husband and I drove away from the soccer field with our 9-year-old son, he asked, “why do you think some kids are driven and others are not?” My response was, “you either have it or you don’t.” I truly believe this. I look at my twins and think my word, they are night and day. I gave birth to these two on the exact same day, I minute apart, and they are completely opposite. Manny, as we call him, loves soccer, loves it, and could be really good (he is good, I just expect more). I must remind myself he is not me in this area. As I’m watching, I’m the mom that is like play harder, be aggressive, push, push, push, more, more, more… YIKES. That is just not his personality, it’s mine. He is a team player and he loves the game. To him, that is his best. And that’s ok.   Then there is Elli, she received the driven blood. There is not much that can stop her when she sets her mind to it. She struggles, she fails, and she gets back up fighting. That’s more like me, so I respond to her differently. As parents, we love each the same and are equally as proud. We continue to guide them equally as hard to be their best self.   Not giving your all, is unacceptable in this house.


The core of you and your inner being is your personality. Were you given every opportunity or did you work for it? Did you struggle or allow someone to enable you? Do you pride yourself on your journey or is the path behind you beautifully paved? This core is what has made you – you! Are you proud of how you achieved your success? Are you entuned with the battle that has made you who are? Do you have a story that inspires others?






I have added this clip that I found to be pretty top notch STRONG. I think it kind of makes everyone that watches put themselves in it. Would you race for $100? Where do you line up?

The reality is some people have been given a head start. The reality also is, it doesn’t mean you can’t catch up. No excuses! Run your race!

Search your core: your body, your mind, your being and find your fight harder, stand taller and not accept defeat.


Align your core – STRONG