Lifestyle vs The Whole 30 Program

First off let me say, I am a firm believer of Whole 30. I’ve completed, without failure, 11 rounds. Many of you reading this have also completed one round, two, maybe more of this wonderful program created by Melissa Hartwig. I mean literally made up by she and her ex-husband over coffee. They came up with this brilliant idea of ridding sugar, processed foods, dairy, soy, gluten and alcohol from your diet for 30 days.

As I was running this morning, I was thinking about this. I started to get so frustrated about how little people know about this program verses a healthy lifestyle.

I began a paleo challenge 9 days ago through Strong with Mitzi. I did not do a Whole 30, although, I feel like if I would, I would have had more participate. More people in this town do Whole 30 and not paleo. What I have seen very common is groups do Whole 30 and then go back to their way of life. OK. Why? Who does this make sense to? Especially when I hear, I felt better; my arthritis went away; my sugar levels were normal; I slept better; my menstrual cycle was pain free; my mood swings were not so crazy; my inflammation went away… Why on God’s green earth would you go back to eating crap when for 30 days you felt this good? It makes no sense to me or anyone else in this industry that actually understands the concept of Whole 30.

Whole 30 is super strict. Paleo is a looser template of the program. With paleo, some will add dairy or alcohol her and there.

Let’s go back to my paleo challenge. If you can’t make Whole 30 a lifestyle, you can make paleo one. I noticed that those who have done W30 had a very difficult time transitioning into a paleo lifestyle. I think they’re catching on now.

Because anyone can do it for 30 days, and not many can do it for a lifetime. That was my answer on my run this morning. People would rather feel horrible, talk about feeling good, complain about feeling bad, eat crap, post random food pics on Facebook, make a Pinterest Board (never to be used) of healthy recipes, and use excuse after excuse rather than just take the easier route and get in your kitchen.

I was eating at a friend’s house last week. We were chatting about the community, healthy habits, how to change people’s outlook, and what more we can do. Brainstorming on how people will listen and change. The consensus is people want a quick fix. They want us to do it for them. We can’t. I literally had a lady sit in my office and talk to me about nutrition and a workout platform. I asked about her diet lifestyle. She explains that she eats well, very healthy but thinks that working out will help her tone. I politely said, “you are 60 pounds overweight and you can’t tone that without losing it.” I don’t think she liked what I had to say, but the problem with this society is that people lie.

What good am I to you and your goals if I am not honest with you? You ask me, I will tell you. Whether or not I hurt your feelings, I apologize.

I’ve said it a thousand times. You have the world at your fingertips. GOOGLE. I see people ask for recipes on social media. In less that 5 seconds, you can have that answer in front of you. Use your resources.

Reading back through this, I feel like I just rambled about my thoughts on a run. In which, my point to all of this is… find your happy, your healthy, your purpose and your food freedom. Stop waiting on someone to do it for you, you are wasting your time.

Cenla, get ready! Good things are coming slowly but surely. We will change you, one meal at a time.

It is my purpose!

Strong – Mitzi

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