Food Prepping –

“Mitzi, will you come over and help me food prep?”

I’ve heard this question too many times to count. My answer is always, “yes, I would be glad to.” But, the crazy thing is that I never hear from them again. I’m not going to do it for you, but I will definitely work with you. At this point, I really am confused about people’s expectations.

Food prepping is the best way to begin any week, to get ahead, to feel accomplished in your healthy menu goals, and most of all to be prepared for your week. You are less likely to cheat if you have your menu and your meals for the week ahead of time.

What a beautiful sight to see your fridge stocked for the week. Proportioned out and ready to grab on the go. Food prepping is also a convenient way for ballpark living, busy days, busy evenings, a job where you work in and out of your car, travelling, and just getting ahead.

And then walks in my 22-year-old client Savannah, she was pretty much demanding in the sweetest tone. She genuinely wanted a day of meal prepping and not only did she want, but she said, “WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE?”

I simply gave her a grocery list of 5 meals we would prep and cook together. She headed to Kroger and in her words, “it was a scary experience.” She had no idea where anything was, was forced to ask questions, and I’m sure was nervous to leave without every item on that list. All groceries and only $110 later, she conquered it.

Sunday morning, today, at 10am I show up on her doorstep ready to roll. She has a GREAT kitchen to work with. The pictures give you an idea of the groceries.

I put her to work deboning chicken, slicing onions, bell pepper, etc., barking orders, and cleaning as we go. Team work at its finest. Savannah, I believe amazed herself. The thought of cooking all this food and not having to worry about it all week was mind boggling. She kept saying, “all this is healthy, why don’t people (restaurants) just cook like this all the time. We haven’t used anything bad for you.” True statement.

Exactly 2 hours later, we had a roast in the crockpot, Egg Roll in a Bowl, Buffalo Chicken Casserole, Chicken salad, and a Frittata.

Y’all, all this food for $110. That is incredible. The best part of it, it’s not filled with lettuce every day. It’s real food.

Your challenge… MEAL PREP
You won’t be disappointed.


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