Corona Virus



We can all start by panicking.  That seems to work well for most.  NOT.

The first week is like summer break.  Everyone is happy to be out.  Family time is full of monopoly, uno, hide and seek, fun in the kitchen, movies and popcorn, homework, and the list goes on.  Real life has not yet hit. 

But what happens when… 

The kids are arguing.   

You are tired of entertaining your 4-year-old.

No one wants to eat the same thing.

Everyone is bored.

Parents are exhausted from truly parenting. 

“Mama watch!” are the worst 2 words ever at this point.


The next thing you know, you have lost all control over your “healthy habits”. 

As I have been in and out of the grocery stores (carefully), I noticed the number of cookies, chips, bread, Little Debbie cakes etc. are cleaned out.   This vacation gets old quick. 

Think about your everyday habits with food.  If you are conscience about that menu you are looking at or if you bring your lunch to work or if you do not snack between meals… KEEP DOING IT.  Please continue to be mindful of what is going in your mouth, otherwise, your reality is going to be harsh when you try to slip on those jeans to go back to work.

You have more opportunity to get outside with your family OR alone.  Go for a walk, a bike ride, hit the trail head near your home, a track, and there are so many online workouts right now, utilize it.  I even have them going on STRONG.  Your local gyms are doing everything they can to keep you active.  It is your own fault if you are making excuses.  Sorry, not sorry.

Men and women, we are back in the kitchen more than usual for sure.  Use this opportunity to change up ingredients, flip recipes, explore new things, expand your food consumption of veggies and fruit, it’s a little work, but what else are you doing? 

Your mental and physical self will suffer if you don’t choose to take care of yourself during this time.  I understand that this is scary, out of control, and beyond our thought process but you don’t have to be a product of it.   Weight gain, alcohol consumption, laziness, drop in self-worth and more, are all factors of what could happen when we wake up from this. 

I choose to laugh, and I choose to be pro-active and I choose to continue to help people.  These things are how I handle this.  If not, I would falter, and I would fail you.  That’s not what I stand for. 

It is so easy to leave your kids in their rooms with gaming devices and Netflix.  Do them a favor and get them outside, learning how to play again.  TikTok is not exercise.  The opportunity to be better today than yesterday at your sport, is here.  Use it.

And just like that, GAME CHANGER.  As I’m writing, the governor of Louisiana spoke.  Things are changing quickly.  Take care of your well-being in all aspects.  You can do so safely.

Support your local businesses that continue to open for your needs.

Stay Well and Stay Strong…


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