The ongoing stigma of body types will never end. You are you and unless your genetic makeup is just like that chick on your fridge that you long to look like… It ain’t happening.

Why I am feeling the need to write on this (possibly again), I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because so many people ask me, “how can I look like her?” It used to be hard for me to say, “you can’t”. I wouldn’t want to hurt feelings or get in an awkward encounter with someone. People can be persuasive and mean when they want to look like someone else.

They’re like…

• What if I eat right?
• What if I do more legs?
• What if I did Carrie Underwood’s leg work out?
• What if? What if? What if?

I’m like, “what if you had surgery?” I mean right! No one is satisfied.
How about we find a “happy” within ourselves?
When you studied anatomy a gazillion years ago, you learned there are 3 different body types. Stay with me on this.

• Thin
• Hard to gain muscle or fat
• Fast metabolism
• An avid runner basically
• These people probably need more starchy foods than me. I promise.

• Well proportioned. “36-24-36, only if she’s 5’3”
• Medium frame
• Balanced diet with a balance of strength and cardio
• I would probably be in this frame. (kind of)

• Broad, stocky, strong
• Wrestler, body builder type (Mr. T)
• Difficult losing excess fat, which would mean cardio would be pertinent in his/her exercise regimen.
• Large bone structure
• These are the ones that get thrown in the mix with the word steroids.

Now that you are concentrating on which one you are, you could be a combo of more than one. No one said anatomy wasn’t complicated. We also hear words like “Pear shaped” or “Apple Shaped”. The Pears hold that weight in the hips and booty. The Apple holds in the tire around the mid-section.

Your body is all genetics. It is all about how you embrace, serve and feed the one you have.
But Mitzi… WHHHAAATTTTTT? How do I get rid of this loose skin, dimples, cellulite, chicken fat at my arm pit, this chin, etc.…? I seriously told someone “surgery” the other day. I’m not even sure I really meant that or if the moment was just perfect. It fell out of my mouth.

If you don’t like you… CHANGE YOU. I love you, each of you, but I am not looking in the mirror at you. If I could fix that about everyone, believe me, I would in a heartbeat.

Fad Diets aren’t meant for everyone either. They aren’t. I’m sorry. Knowledge is key to your dietary success. Learning your body and what foods react how is your ticket to peace. Now it may take a lot of freaking work on your part, but you will eventually find your peace and be content.

Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Vegan, The Zone, W30, Cleanse, Intermittent fasting, macros… What’s next? I can get on this soap box for real. I’m not sure ya’ll are quite ready for that. A diet is one that you can sustain as a lifestyle. I have been in numerous conversations about one or more of the above diets and realize how little the person actually knows. I want to scream.

So, you’re trudging on with the diet of the season and you cheat, how do you get back on track? You want that body on your fridge, right? This question was asked to me at a party last Saturday night. I was like, “try the cheese cake, it’s delicious. I’m going on a run in the morning.” This is true. You must stop saying “F__ It” when you cheat or drink too much. You did that to your body, get up and make the next day count. And what happened to the word moderation?

Before I quit typing, let me add (for me too), alcohol is not water. It counts. When you drink too much or even too little, that snack monster comes to visit. Whether you remember what all you ate the next day or not, it all counts. Drinking derails your plans for the next day. Is it worth it is up to you.

I had a friend from Austin contact me about changing her exercise regimen. She was lifting more, and her clothes were getting a little tighter, but she was seeing more muscle tone and definition and she liked what she saw. The worst part to her were the scales were creeping. She was like, “Mitzi, what do I do?” I was like, “you’re doing it. For this body, you get this result.”

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” Marilyn Monroe

Stay Strong…


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