“A dream without a plan is just a wish” by Katherine Paterson

Who doesn’t dream of being something or doing something different or creating something unknown or just taking a task to the next level? We all dream it, think it, ponder on it, and then many of us blow it away like a dandelion.

Your dreams fly but you stay.

Life is short. I was 40 years old before I took a jump to do what made me happy. I feel like I’m just beginning to find the best of me in opportunities I never believed I could do. It does not matter how many others say you can, until you believe in yourself will it happen.

As I have said before, I walked out of a kindergarten teaching position that I held for almost 15 years. I closed the door on my livelihood to take a risk. That risk led me to live my dream of personal training. I am still teaching, still writing curriculum, still working at diverse levels, but I am in a different environment and I am happier than ever. This is all because I JUMPED.

Which leads me to what is happening now…


Friends, who knew? Not me for sure, you could have never convinced me that I would be half owner in a cookie making business, but here I am.

My side kick, bestie Jennifer Peach, “Peachy”, and I were doing our usual snob drinking over a great bottle of Pinot Noir discussing baking and nutrition and recipes, etc. The next thing out of her mouth was, “Let’s start a paleo cookie business.” If you know me, I’m kind of the “yes” girl in these situations because honestly, I don’t think things through well. That’s a true story. Why not? There is a need for it so why not make it a reality.

That conversation led to action, not an abundance of negative discussions or what ifs, but a get off your ass attitude and let’s do this.

We began taking recipes and flipping them to make them paleo. This took forever, but not a thought of quitting. Our goal was to make a healthier cookie taste like “normal”. After try and try and try again, it happened. We created 6 different gluten free, soy free, dairy free, guilt free cookie flavors. I have attached pictures of each. They are Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Oatmeal Raisin, Thumbprint, Thin Mint, and Pecan Sandy.

What’s the next step? Go big or go home, Right? Jenn has a head full of ideas. She is definitely the creative side of us. We will be selling by the dozen very soon, taking orders and throwing a few surprises out there here and there. She loves when I say, “WE SHIP”. I would love to get them anywhere and everywhere in the US of A.

Thank you for your support on this adventure. We are super ecstatic, and these are some amazing tasting cookies. It is honestly incredible to watch someone taste them that is anti-paleo or anti-healthy cookie. You must try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
If you have a business idea or a dream or even a wish, do it. The only person your letting down is yourself.
Stay Strong, Mitzi


8 weeks ago, I saw a picture on Facebook of one of my best friends from college in the hospital. Now if you are anything like me, you have a crazy life. You keep in touch with friends, pick up where you left off, but not always talk to them on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. It’s just the way it goes. It doesn’t mean you love any less. It just means people are people and we are busy and sometimes self-absorbed. Good or bad, it is what it is.

A little snip it of LP’s nature… She is caring and nurturing and will love with all of her being, but she will not ask for help. She is golden and ALWAYS the life of the party.
In saying that, I had messaged her and she said she was fine. I’m like…Nah. Something is wrong. Immediately I text her oldest daughter to find out that she was diagnosed with West Nile. WHAT? Without many answers or even understanding what was going on, I had no response. LP was not taking calls, not returning text, and all I knew was that she was in a hospital in Thibodaux (at the time). And I just accepted it. I would randomly send a text that said, “I love you” or “I’m praying for you”.

Last Thursday night was the night that I text and received a text back, “I’m being transferred to the Neurocenter in Baton Rouge.” My mind went nuts. Please know I have no clue what is going on still. Without a hitch I say, “I can be there tomorrow”. Shockingly, she said, “Please. I would love that.”

Y’all, I could not wait to leave work on Friday. As I’m driving, I have no clue what I’m about to walk in to. And listen, I am not a nurse. I suck at taking care of people. I don’t like hospitals. I am the worst at nurturing people. That, my friends, is the truth. I head up to the 6th floor. As I turn the corner to walk in her room, she is sitting in a wheelchair. The tears begin to fall, from her and me. She was doing PT, so I waited until I was given the OK to go in.

She is now back in her bed as I walk in. As I sit on the side of her bed, I am noticing her hands and feet. “LP, what is wrong?”

She said, “I can’t walk”.

Those 3 words have never hit me so hard. I swear I was like, “GET UP”, “SHOW ME”, “THERE IS NO WAY”. I had been in that room for like 4 minutes and I was like “sit up, I want to see.” She scooted herself to the edge of her bed (which she did very well) and placed her feet on the ground. They immediately curled up under her, almost looking crippled. I said, “plant your feet on the floor.” “Mitz, I can’t.” Do you know how hard this was for me? It was like Ariel from The Little Mermaid when Ursula gave her legs.

This is her 4th hospital in 9 weeks.

I knew my stay would be extended until Sunday. I wasn’t going home. We brought the party to a hospital room the size of most of your bathrooms. The first day there was a lot of fighting. She was telling me to stop, shut up, don’t call the nurse, don’t ask questions, quit making me do stuff and the list goes on. The nurse said, “are y’all sisters?” HAHA… not quite but close. By the end of Friday night, we had made lots of progress and balanced our personalities, just like the good ole days.

I could tell you all about Saturday laughing until we cried and reminiscing over college, and last year’s girl trip. I could talk about line dancing with the nurses to bring the party, making a run for her favorite food, welcoming the staff into her room like they are old friends, and being happy and grateful for what we do have. But…

I’m going to say this… One moment LP’s life was normal, and, in an instance, she lost her ability to walk, TO WALK, not broke a limb, not on crutches, but is confined to a bed. WTF? Her nervous system went bonkers. There was no warning. Her ankles may not be strong, but her spirits are. I’m not sure how strong I would be. She is making memories with wonderful people she meets every day. She is smiling (yes, there have been lots of tears). She is killing it at watching Lifetime. Her will to fight is so present to everyone. Dropping everything else in my life and coming here, is a blessing.

When you think you can’t, you can.

When life sucks, you best find something to pull you through. Feeling sorry for yourself is never an option.
At least you have a choice. You can lay around and take your health for granted or you can get your ass up and do something about it. You don’t have to stay inside, you don’t have to scoot yourself from place to place, you don’t have to depend on someone to get you in a wheelchair, you don’t have an excuse… YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

Stay Strong


The ongoing stigma of body types will never end. You are you and unless your genetic makeup is just like that chick on your fridge that you long to look like… It ain’t happening.

Why I am feeling the need to write on this (possibly again), I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because so many people ask me, “how can I look like her?” It used to be hard for me to say, “you can’t”. I wouldn’t want to hurt feelings or get in an awkward encounter with someone. People can be persuasive and mean when they want to look like someone else.

They’re like…

• What if I eat right?
• What if I do more legs?
• What if I did Carrie Underwood’s leg work out?
• What if? What if? What if?

I’m like, “what if you had surgery?” I mean right! No one is satisfied.
How about we find a “happy” within ourselves?
When you studied anatomy a gazillion years ago, you learned there are 3 different body types. Stay with me on this.

• Thin
• Hard to gain muscle or fat
• Fast metabolism
• An avid runner basically
• These people probably need more starchy foods than me. I promise.

• Well proportioned. “36-24-36, only if she’s 5’3”
• Medium frame
• Balanced diet with a balance of strength and cardio
• I would probably be in this frame. (kind of)

• Broad, stocky, strong
• Wrestler, body builder type (Mr. T)
• Difficult losing excess fat, which would mean cardio would be pertinent in his/her exercise regimen.
• Large bone structure
• These are the ones that get thrown in the mix with the word steroids.

Now that you are concentrating on which one you are, you could be a combo of more than one. No one said anatomy wasn’t complicated. We also hear words like “Pear shaped” or “Apple Shaped”. The Pears hold that weight in the hips and booty. The Apple holds in the tire around the mid-section.

Your body is all genetics. It is all about how you embrace, serve and feed the one you have.
But Mitzi… WHHHAAATTTTTT? How do I get rid of this loose skin, dimples, cellulite, chicken fat at my arm pit, this chin, etc.…? I seriously told someone “surgery” the other day. I’m not even sure I really meant that or if the moment was just perfect. It fell out of my mouth.

If you don’t like you… CHANGE YOU. I love you, each of you, but I am not looking in the mirror at you. If I could fix that about everyone, believe me, I would in a heartbeat.

Fad Diets aren’t meant for everyone either. They aren’t. I’m sorry. Knowledge is key to your dietary success. Learning your body and what foods react how is your ticket to peace. Now it may take a lot of freaking work on your part, but you will eventually find your peace and be content.

Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Vegan, The Zone, W30, Cleanse, Intermittent fasting, macros… What’s next? I can get on this soap box for real. I’m not sure ya’ll are quite ready for that. A diet is one that you can sustain as a lifestyle. I have been in numerous conversations about one or more of the above diets and realize how little the person actually knows. I want to scream.

So, you’re trudging on with the diet of the season and you cheat, how do you get back on track? You want that body on your fridge, right? This question was asked to me at a party last Saturday night. I was like, “try the cheese cake, it’s delicious. I’m going on a run in the morning.” This is true. You must stop saying “F__ It” when you cheat or drink too much. You did that to your body, get up and make the next day count. And what happened to the word moderation?

Before I quit typing, let me add (for me too), alcohol is not water. It counts. When you drink too much or even too little, that snack monster comes to visit. Whether you remember what all you ate the next day or not, it all counts. Drinking derails your plans for the next day. Is it worth it is up to you.

I had a friend from Austin contact me about changing her exercise regimen. She was lifting more, and her clothes were getting a little tighter, but she was seeing more muscle tone and definition and she liked what she saw. The worst part to her were the scales were creeping. She was like, “Mitzi, what do I do?” I was like, “you’re doing it. For this body, you get this result.”

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” Marilyn Monroe

Stay Strong…



Food Prepping –

“Mitzi, will you come over and help me food prep?”

I’ve heard this question too many times to count. My answer is always, “yes, I would be glad to.” But, the crazy thing is that I never hear from them again. I’m not going to do it for you, but I will definitely work with you. At this point, I really am confused about people’s expectations.

Food prepping is the best way to begin any week, to get ahead, to feel accomplished in your healthy menu goals, and most of all to be prepared for your week. You are less likely to cheat if you have your menu and your meals for the week ahead of time.

What a beautiful sight to see your fridge stocked for the week. Proportioned out and ready to grab on the go. Food prepping is also a convenient way for ballpark living, busy days, busy evenings, a job where you work in and out of your car, travelling, and just getting ahead.

And then walks in my 22-year-old client Savannah, she was pretty much demanding in the sweetest tone. She genuinely wanted a day of meal prepping and not only did she want, but she said, “WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE?”

I simply gave her a grocery list of 5 meals we would prep and cook together. She headed to Kroger and in her words, “it was a scary experience.” She had no idea where anything was, was forced to ask questions, and I’m sure was nervous to leave without every item on that list. All groceries and only $110 later, she conquered it.

Sunday morning, today, at 10am I show up on her doorstep ready to roll. She has a GREAT kitchen to work with. The pictures give you an idea of the groceries.

I put her to work deboning chicken, slicing onions, bell pepper, etc., barking orders, and cleaning as we go. Team work at its finest. Savannah, I believe amazed herself. The thought of cooking all this food and not having to worry about it all week was mind boggling. She kept saying, “all this is healthy, why don’t people (restaurants) just cook like this all the time. We haven’t used anything bad for you.” True statement.

Exactly 2 hours later, we had a roast in the crockpot, Egg Roll in a Bowl, Buffalo Chicken Casserole, Chicken salad, and a Frittata.

Y’all, all this food for $110. That is incredible. The best part of it, it’s not filled with lettuce every day. It’s real food.

Your challenge… MEAL PREP
You won’t be disappointed.




Listen. You have been squatting since birth. Seriously, true story. Why are we so afraid to squat as adults? Knees, hips, ankles… I can’t. In same cases, you are doing yourself more harm than good doing an incorrect squat because you are scared. I would say within my day I see about 85% of people using bad form on their squat. It drives me crazy. I know what you are thinking, “as a trainer, do you correct them?” My answer is “in some cases.” Most members do not want your input (know it all), because they feel they’ve been doing it a long time and know their body.

When people say, I can’t squat. I simply ask these questions.

  • Do you sit on the toilet?
  • Do you need help getting out of your recliner?
  • Do you have a desk job?
  • How many times a day do you sit and stand?

You squat all the time, daily.

This is not a new movement that you are being asked to do.

Does everyone squat the same? No!

Does everyone have different mobility levels? Yes!

Can everyone squat? Yes!

Squats are one of the most foundational functional movements of our lives. A simple squat works almost every muscle group in your body. You are in use of the hips, back, core, shoulders, and arms. You are working.

I’m not saying load a bar and start heavy back-squatting. I’m saying let’s take the basic body weight squat, perfect it, and then start loading.

I love when people walk in the gym super “cold” load a barbell with plates on each side and begin squatting. I am like ‘WWWWOOOOAAAHHHHH, stop that.” The no warm up is by far hurting you more than some basic squatting.

Some things to think about when you squat:

  • Think about your weight on your feet. Balance your weight in both legs. Your weight should be on the heels and balls of your feet. Staying in your heels throughout your squat.
  • Keep your entire body tight.
  • Breathe in as you lower yourself down, break at your hip, and push your booty back.
  • Keep your back straight, neutral spine, and your chest and shoulders up.
  • Focus on your knees being in line with your feet.
  • Pretend there is a newspaper under feet and as you drive yourself up, rip the newspaper apart.   This way your knees will not cave to the inside as you begin coming out of the squat.
  • Keep it all tight, exhale on your way up, and drive through your heels.

How far do I go down?

Well in my world, it is below parallel.

I am going to make a quick video of squatting and attach it to my FB page this week. I definitely think people do better with a visual.

If you are unsure about your squat position, please ask someone at your gym to fix you. It will only help you.

Common Faults:

  • Coming up on your toes
  • Caving your knees inward on the way up
  • Dropping your shoulders and your head – (Look straight)

A little cheat I like to do with my clients while squatting…

I will measure their squat by having them sit on a stack of weights or a bench that puts them below parallel are at a 90-degree angle. I will have them completely sit down, fix their form and then have them stand straight up. It’s a beautiful sight and a more beautiful sound when they say, “OMG I feel that in my quads and glutes.” Hallelujah, we did it. It takes work, but we can get you stronger if done correctly.

Have a Strong day sitting and standing, AKA squatting.

Look for the video this week.


Are You Famous?

What is on my heart? What should I talk about? Where should I go this week? And sometimes the Lord just places it in your hands when you least expect it.

I went for a run later in the day today and my 10-year-old, Elli, asked to tag along on her bike. Of course, I would love that. Besides, she brings the jam, so I have music, karaoke, conversation, and mom time all in one. It’s perfect.

On the back side of the neighborhood, she asked, “mom, are you famous?” Well, NOOOOOO! I’m like what are you thinking. In her little 10-year-old voice, she says “but you’re on the internet and you have lots of followers (in her eyes) on Instagram and a lot of people know you. I want to be famous.” To her, this makes one famous? I realized at this point that I have a lot of teaching to do.

I asked, “what would you like to be famous for?” Her answers were such like for making slime, for dancing, for cheering, etc.   In mom’s eyes, there was no depth to those answers. There are plenty famous people but what do they do for others.

My answer at this point was… you become famous by being you! People will remember what you do, what you say, your kindness, your gift of life. Who cares if you make the best slime, are you a good person? Just because you are the greatest dancer, do you appreciate your gift? Just because you are a cheerleader during game time, do you continue to lift others up when you’re not on the field or the court?   You become famous when people remember you for being good, gracious, and kind. I end it with, Nicki Minaj is famous. Do you want to be like her? She looks at me and says, “mom, nasty Nicki, no!” And that’s my point.

When you have an opportunity to have these conversations with your kids, take it and run with it. Life is hard enough. Being young and wanting to be famous is even harder. Keep it simple and keep it real. I pray she is famous in her eyes (she already is in mine) and that she excels in everything she touches, and that life is easy for her. I also pray that if it doesn’t go her way, we can go for a bike ride and discuss other options.

Strong with Elli today…

Blessed to be her mom,


Lifestyle vs The Whole 30 Program

First off let me say, I am a firm believer of Whole 30. I’ve completed, without failure, 11 rounds. Many of you reading this have also completed one round, two, maybe more of this wonderful program created by Melissa Hartwig. I mean literally made up by she and her ex-husband over coffee. They came up with this brilliant idea of ridding sugar, processed foods, dairy, soy, gluten and alcohol from your diet for 30 days.

As I was running this morning, I was thinking about this. I started to get so frustrated about how little people know about this program verses a healthy lifestyle.

I began a paleo challenge 9 days ago through Strong with Mitzi. I did not do a Whole 30, although, I feel like if I would, I would have had more participate. More people in this town do Whole 30 and not paleo. What I have seen very common is groups do Whole 30 and then go back to their way of life. OK. Why? Who does this make sense to? Especially when I hear, I felt better; my arthritis went away; my sugar levels were normal; I slept better; my menstrual cycle was pain free; my mood swings were not so crazy; my inflammation went away… Why on God’s green earth would you go back to eating crap when for 30 days you felt this good? It makes no sense to me or anyone else in this industry that actually understands the concept of Whole 30.

Whole 30 is super strict. Paleo is a looser template of the program. With paleo, some will add dairy or alcohol her and there.

Let’s go back to my paleo challenge. If you can’t make Whole 30 a lifestyle, you can make paleo one. I noticed that those who have done W30 had a very difficult time transitioning into a paleo lifestyle. I think they’re catching on now.

Because anyone can do it for 30 days, and not many can do it for a lifetime. That was my answer on my run this morning. People would rather feel horrible, talk about feeling good, complain about feeling bad, eat crap, post random food pics on Facebook, make a Pinterest Board (never to be used) of healthy recipes, and use excuse after excuse rather than just take the easier route and get in your kitchen.

I was eating at a friend’s house last week. We were chatting about the community, healthy habits, how to change people’s outlook, and what more we can do. Brainstorming on how people will listen and change. The consensus is people want a quick fix. They want us to do it for them. We can’t. I literally had a lady sit in my office and talk to me about nutrition and a workout platform. I asked about her diet lifestyle. She explains that she eats well, very healthy but thinks that working out will help her tone. I politely said, “you are 60 pounds overweight and you can’t tone that without losing it.” I don’t think she liked what I had to say, but the problem with this society is that people lie.

What good am I to you and your goals if I am not honest with you? You ask me, I will tell you. Whether or not I hurt your feelings, I apologize.

I’ve said it a thousand times. You have the world at your fingertips. GOOGLE. I see people ask for recipes on social media. In less that 5 seconds, you can have that answer in front of you. Use your resources.

Reading back through this, I feel like I just rambled about my thoughts on a run. In which, my point to all of this is… find your happy, your healthy, your purpose and your food freedom. Stop waiting on someone to do it for you, you are wasting your time.

Cenla, get ready! Good things are coming slowly but surely. We will change you, one meal at a time.

It is my purpose!

Strong – Mitzi


Carnival Season, Birthday parties, Mardi Gras Balls, Friend’s houses, Business Meetings etc.

You name it… The temptation has been there, and I have given in. Eating and drinking and partying for the last four weeks have taken its toll over me. I feel like crap. I sleep like crap. I feel like I look like crap.

How do I get back on track?

I’d like your help. Let’s do this together. I can do it. I know for a fact when I flip this switch in my head, it is “GAME ON” with myself. Do I want to do Whole 30? Do I want to do a complete Paleo for 40 days, no cheats? Do I want to cleanse? Do I want to do a complete 30-day Isagenix plan? Your thoughts? Once I get on my kick, I will stay there. It is about this time every year, in which I fall off the nutrition wagon and must find friends to help me get on track to keep me accountable for about 30 days. I’m good to go until about November.

YOU… I am calling you out.   Who’s with me? Food plans, recipes, exercise, 30 (or 40) days of “On the Move with Mitzi”. Weigh, Measure, Lose, Accountability…

What does this entail? I don’t really know. Let’s figure it out as we go. I’ll get start date and rules together. I then will go LIVE on expectation and how this will work.

All you have to do is commit. If I can detox, so can you.

Why not do it with those that want / need the change?

Our results are far greater if we work together.





“You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression”. Will Rogers

That is undoubtedly one of the truest quotes ever.

This weekend I had the biggest challenge of this that I’ve had in a while.

I have preached it more times that I’d like to share. Hold your head high, shoulders back, eyes up, own the room, positive energy, smile, be known you are there by your sheer presence, these are essential to looking STRONG and working a space that you would rather crawl in a hole and die.

Look back on the last time you approached a scenario that you were uncomfortable with. How did you attack it? Would you have done it differently?

I, honestly, think I did this pretty well until Friday. I received a phone call from a friend of mine informing me that I had done well enough in the Rodan & Fields business to attend a mini retreat in Gulf Shores this past weekend.

My initial thought was NO. I’m not driving 6 hours Friday, stay 2 quick nights, drive home 6 hours Sunday… WITH WOMEN I DO NOT KNOW… Nope, that’s not happening. And then, I thought why not? You can step out of your box for 3 days, as you encourage others to do, and just go, just go. So, I text Marlo with a great big I’M IN. WTH, did I just do? No turning back now, this girl is going.

Last minute packing Friday at noon, hoping I would come down with the flu, I loaded my truck and out the drive way I went. 6 hours of traffic, time and me, maybe I needed that part more than I thought I did. Around 6:45, I get a text from Marlo and find out she is behind me getting to this retreat and I will get there before her… Problem solved, I would sit in the parking lot and wait for her. I don’t know these people. My attitude is plummeting quickly. I can’t do this. Calling Bruce, I’m like, if I need an out I need you to tell me one of the kids has the flu. I wanted to vomit.

I drive up to San Carlos Condo’s in Gulf Shores. Just get out Mitzi. Apparently, Marlo has called these other ladies and told them I was there. Guess who gets a greeting in the parking lot from people she doesn’t know?   ME!   Well damn it…

Introductions. This is your room. Get comfy. Grab your computer and a cocktail (THANK GOD) and we will head over to the other condo with the rest of us. Oh Goody, I can’t wait. “The rest of US”. I wasn’t US. Who is US? Where did US come from? You talk about Mitzi (yeah me) feeling out the loop. I was on the verge of tears.

I walk in to a condo full of 8 beautiful women giggling, sharing thoughts, probably on their 3rd cocktail, and then there is me. “Hi, I’m Mitzi, is there a wifi password.” How exciting is that? I am now fidgeting, getting out my computer, trying to do what they are doing, pour a glass of wine and my level of anxiety is now out the roof.

AND THEN… as I am sitting at the bar with my back to the crowd, someone asks “do you say the F bomb or do you get offended if someone says it?” OMG… HERE IS MY REDEMPTION MOMENT!

I simply place my hands on the side of my computer, turn slowly to face the table and say “My anxiety level is F’ing on over drive. I just walked in a F’ing condo that I don’t know any of you. I have F’ing cry in my throat. Yes, I drop the F bomb.” And they were like, “I love you”.   I could have said anything at that moment, so why not say the truth.

This past weekend was incredible. New friends, new business opportunities, new outlook, and a first impression that will last. I wouldn’t change anything that led up to this. I will change my perspective on if I get another opportunity to be in the same predicament. I will hold myself with more confidence and self-presence than I did on that Friday night.

I say to you…

  • step out of your box.
  • Do something you would never do, basically that scares the hell out of you.
  • Take chances.
  • Shine in all your glory.
  • Be thankful for opportunities to meet like-minded people
  • Be your best self
  • JUMP

I became US this weekend. And US became STRONGer.




Macros – No, she isn’t – Yes, she is.

Macros – No, she isn’t – Yes, she is.

Why am I? Because someone asked me to write about my thoughts on it. You ask, you receive.

Diet and exercise – You don’t hear about one without hearing about the other. In all honesty, diet wins every time. You are what you eat. Your body is a representation of what you put in it. While the amount you eat will always impact your ability to lose or gain muscle, not all calories are created equal. You must look beyond calorie counting to achieve your optimal benefit of your weight loss (if that is what you are going for).

What’s a macro? Macro is short for macronutrient not to be confused with micronutrient. Your macros are the exact amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you consume in your day. Micro is your daily vitamins and minerals. And then there are those empty calories like in alcohol.

Let’s go back to 6th grade Science, maybe 2nd grade Science these days.

Protein – You get this from animal and ocean sources, protein bars, powders, shakes, eggs (Yes, even the yolks are healthy!), and such. You are bombarded about more protein, more protein. Why? How much? This is where you gain your muscle and prevent muscle loss. It also controls your hunger (you thought carbs did), keeps you fueled (you thought carbs did), and helps burn calories (you thought carbs did).   Depending on how much you need depends on your goals.

Fats – Good, bad and ugly. How good is good and how bad is bad? You need fat to absorb vitamins and minerals, regulate hormones, etc. The problem is it’s more calorically dense than the other macros so it’s easy to eat in excess and many of us consume fats in the wrong way. Some of the best ways to incorporate these are with nuts, nut butters, avocados, meat, olive oil, or coconut oil. How much will depend on your goals as with protein.

Carbs – These complete your triangle. They are stored and used for essential energy. You know the drill, fruits, veggies, grains, processed foods, drinks, and anything that you crave. Again, how much? Same as above, it depends,

Macros VS Calories

All calories come from macros

1 gram of protein = 4 calories

1 gram of carbs = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories

Are you with me? We remember this from elementary school.

Grab a food scale – You’ll need this on your journey. This little gadget will WOW you of how much you over eat or under eat. Your serving size is about to make you super mindful.

How to calculate how much your body needs of each? There are tons of websites that can help you with that or find an incredibly knowledgeable individual that can sit with you and explain it to fit your needs.

Finding a coach can also help you better assess changes as they need to be made, as a nutritional protocol should constantly evolve.

How to hold yourself accountable? The apps on your phone are right at your fingertips. Do you remember when you were counting calories before a smart phone and you were like please nobody clear my calculator today, don’t touch my adding machine, or my legal pad is my life. Now, it is all in your hands all day long. All you have to do is enter your info.

The expert that I called upon was Jessica Durando. She is a nutrition coach through iN3 Nutrition. She is incredibly reputable and knows her shit. There were many questions I had regarding exercise along with macros. Here is what she had to say “Whenever I make a macro prescription, it’s based off a total calorie amount, and those calories are then appropriately distributed across your macros. The numbers are based on a number of factors, including goals, diet history, exercise modality, and current nutritional intake. I don’t always give a calorie goal, because some people freak out when they are over or under. Instead we focus on hitting your macro goals, which will allow you to be in the caloric range that’s best set for you. While I take exercise regimen into account, I don’t have them deduct or add calories based on training days vs rest days, unless they participate in a training modality where that may be appropriate (such as body building). We are looking to create a consistent intake across the board that accounts for your exercise regimen, and we assess for changes based on the number of biofeedback markers including energy, hunger response, sleep, hormones, mood and weight fluctuations. If I have someone on a prescription and we find it’s not enough food or too much food based on their biofeedback, we can always adjust accordingly. That’s why I do coaching – a nutritional plan should always be changing and individualized so it’s important to adjust as needed. It’s all relative to the person.”

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I will be the first say, I am not an expert, she is. I understand the system, but I have not totally gone to counting macros. I’m definitely leaning for sure. I have seen tremendous results and balance with it through others. If you are ready to commit, Jessica is your girl.

I hope this gives you a little more explanation of what it is and how it works. If I don’t have the answers, I promise to lead you in the right direction.

Stay Strong – Mitzi