Are You Famous?

What is on my heart? What should I talk about? Where should I go this week? And sometimes the Lord just places it in your hands when you least expect it.

I went for a run later in the day today and my 10-year-old, Elli, asked to tag along on her bike. Of course, I would love that. Besides, she brings the jam, so I have music, karaoke, conversation, and mom time all in one. It’s perfect.

On the back side of the neighborhood, she asked, “mom, are you famous?” Well, NOOOOOO! I’m like what are you thinking. In her little 10-year-old voice, she says “but you’re on the internet and you have lots of followers (in her eyes) on Instagram and a lot of people know you. I want to be famous.” To her, this makes one famous? I realized at this point that I have a lot of teaching to do.

I asked, “what would you like to be famous for?” Her answers were such like for making slime, for dancing, for cheering, etc.   In mom’s eyes, there was no depth to those answers. There are plenty famous people but what do they do for others.

My answer at this point was… you become famous by being you! People will remember what you do, what you say, your kindness, your gift of life. Who cares if you make the best slime, are you a good person? Just because you are the greatest dancer, do you appreciate your gift? Just because you are a cheerleader during game time, do you continue to lift others up when you’re not on the field or the court?   You become famous when people remember you for being good, gracious, and kind. I end it with, Nicki Minaj is famous. Do you want to be like her? She looks at me and says, “mom, nasty Nicki, no!” And that’s my point.

When you have an opportunity to have these conversations with your kids, take it and run with it. Life is hard enough. Being young and wanting to be famous is even harder. Keep it simple and keep it real. I pray she is famous in her eyes (she already is in mine) and that she excels in everything she touches, and that life is easy for her. I also pray that if it doesn’t go her way, we can go for a bike ride and discuss other options.

Strong with Elli today…

Blessed to be her mom,


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