About Me

I love food. I love fitness. I love finding what moves people.

I am a wife. I am the mother of two beautiful children. I am identified for my passion of life as a personal trainer. I encourage, believe in, love, take pride, strengthen and admire every client I have. This job is what I was born to do. Love what you do, do what you love. I do!

I was a yoyo dieter. I was the user of every diet I could try. I have tried many supplements. I have done juice cleanses, diet pills, starvation diets, Weight Watchers, etc. I mean you name it, I’ve tried it. I have had successes that have led to failure after failure!

I have completed numerous 5k’s, 10K’s, more triathlons than I can remember, eleven marathons, and Ironman Wisconsin. I wish I could say I was “my kind” of healthy for all of those events. The truth is, I overused food that was not beneficial for the races at hand.

I am no nutritionist or physician. I am just someone that has figured it out for myself through trial and error. I am just someone that got tired of changing clothes every season and took back her life. I WAS YOU!

Officially, my name is Mitzi Fairbanks. Three years ago, I left my Kindergarten teaching position of 15 years to follow my passion as a full time personal trainer at Louisiana Athletic Club, Alexandria, La. I have never looked back and never regretted my decision.

Running and crossfit are my personal passions for fitness. These two activities feed my spirit and my soul. They keep me sane, competitive and motivated. This moves me. What moves you? Hopefully, through this journey, we can find out.

Five years ago, I began the paleo lifestyle. It has been the best nutritional decision of my life. I have weighed the same amount (give or take 3) for the last 5 years. That is HUGE people. I believe in Melissa Hartwigs Whole30 program. I believe food has become a happy place for so many people and not a nutritional value place. We should eat to live, not live to eat.

“Can’t” is probably the most overused word I hear in a gym setting. Who can’t? Why can’t you? If can’t is in your vocabulary then when CAN you?

Through this journey, my goal is to show you strength in the good, bad, and ugly of yourself, your nutrition, your fitness, your successes, your gains, your environment, your friends and your family. We can agree to disagree. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say or do. This is what makes us great. Let’s follow this path together and learn to be STRONG!