Healthy Restaurant Options

I think I may have sent this out once before, but I have been asked to repost this and revise it a little.

“What do I eat at a restaurant?”

“I don’t know how to choose healthy options.”

“The menu is too big.”

“I’m on Whole 30 HELP.”

I put together a list of restaurants and what is “paleo/healthy/W30” friendly options for you guys.

There are some chain restaurants, but most are local hot spots in Central Louisiana. I have found that local owners are very open to changing their menu to please their customers.

Chain Restaurants:

Outback: Steak (no butter) / sweet potato; fish (no sauce) steamed broccoli

Sombreros: naked fajitas (just grill the meat and veggies no butter or oil) the Salsa and guacamole are both compliant

Texas Road House: Steak (no butter); sweet potato; steamed broccoli; salad with oil and vinegar

Moe’s / Izzo’s / Chipotle: The Bowl (no rice / no beans) veggies and chicken or steak. (ask if they have sugar in salsa)

Jimmy Johns: Lettuce wrap

Most restaurants with fish or steak can accommodate steak and fish as compliant.

If worse comes to worse just tell them you are allergic to gluten, soy and dairy…

Local Hot Spots:

Spirits: Ask for the “healthy menu”. I made it. I’m proud of it. It works and its fantastic.

Eddies: Sweet potato or white potato with beef or chicken

Outlaws: Sweet potato or white potato with lean beef or chicken. I am working with them in the next upcoming months to have a complete healthy menu option. Stay tuned.

Good People Kitchen: Kate has a case full of options and they’re labeled. You cannot go wrong.

Khans: Put your veggies / meat in the bowl (no rice or noodles) and bring your own Coconut Aminos for sauce and you are set.

Verona’s: Lamb and broccoli

3 Potato More: The Griller add chicken (no butter or cheese)

Embers: There are W30 items listed on the menu

Saki Sushi: Rolls with no rice and no sauce

Mandarin: Rolls with no rice and no sauce; any entrée can be steamed (just ask)

And… all of you Mi Tierra fans… They are moving a location to Alexandria and have asked me to help with a healthy menu. I am very honored and excited about this.

I hope this is beneficial to you. If ever you get in bind, please PM me and I can help you out of your panic attack. There is ALWAYS an option. You don’t have to cheat.

Strong Menu Items – Mitzi



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